A Mercedes AMG GT3, Audi R8 LMS GT3 and BMW M4 GT3 on a banked piece of track.
Image credit: Competition Company

New Rennsport Beta Update Now Available


Those with access to the Rennsport closed beta will be able to update the game which added damage, a track and more quality of life changes.

A new update to the Rennsport beta on 8 August. The platform released its beta to select participants in June, with the four cars and tracks used in the ESL R1 competition being available initially. Though it is still closed to the wider public, many players have access to the title already.

Not only does this new update bring a new car and track, but also some amendments and additions. So here is what’s new with the Rennsport beta update.

A Brand New Car & Track

First, let’s take a look at the new content. The Praga R1 that was announced to be coming with the beta during the Rennsport summit in June will now be added. The sports prototype-esque car weighs considerably less than the GT3 cars that have been the focal point of Rennsport so far. Coupled with the downforce it produces, the R1 will require a vastly different driving style than the GT3s.

As for the track? Well if you have a sense of humour, you may appreciate it. The track is called 8ETA. It’s a figure-of-8 track that wouldn’t look out of place in Wreckfest. But even more humourous, the track is surrounded by images of memes pertaining to the Rennsport community.

A meme using 2012 meme format writing saying 'They really only sent out 8 keys' on a screen next to a racetrack.
Don’t get too distracted by the memes on the side of the 8ETA track. Image credit: Competition Company

Additional announced pieces of content coming to the Rennsport beta include the Porsche 963 LMDh and the Goodwood Hillclimb. They both didn’t get added in this update but they soon will in the future.

Quality of Life Changes

The Porsche 992 GT3 R and BMW M4 GT3 have received sound updates, as has the kerbs when you run over them. There’s an improved cut detection system and movement correction algorithm, but perhaps the most important element for many players, a damage model.

Through a slider in the settings menu, you can now enable the V1 damage model. So now when you have a crash in the game, the car no longer remains as good as new. This was an element of immersion that many players were really missing, so no doubt its addition will be popular.

A Mercedes-AMG GT3 going out of bounds on a corner with a purple set of lines defining where the track is.
If only all motorsport series could agree on what the track is defined as. Image credit: Competition Company

If you are keen to know all the specifics about the Rennsport beta’s update, the patch notes can be read here. Additionally, if you haven’t got access to the Rennsport beta, our own ChampionJoe streamed all the new additions on our YouTube channel. Watch the stream here.

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