New Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown trailer dropped!

New Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown trailer dropped!

On Wednesday 21 April, a new trailer was revealed for the hotly anticipated Test Drive Unlimited game – and it looks awesome.

Photo credit: Nacon

Developer Kylotonn and publisher Nacon teased the newest game of the Test Drive series last summer. The latest version of this wildly popular game series will be called Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown. While the information on the publisher’s side was limited, a few things were revealed.

Nacon promises that the game will be a steady evolution to modernise the series. The open-world will be complemented by a very detailed island environment and newly-developed game modes. After a few months of silence, a tweet ignited the community again.

As promised today, we were able to get a first glance at the new head-to-head mode. The trailer does not reveal too much and there are no specifics in terms of gameplay. What it does show is that the classic Test Drive vibe remains. There is a selection of fancy cars ranging from Land Rovers to Aston Martins and the apparent option to gamble your ride. This may be the purpose of head-to-head.

As the name suggests, the mode seems to be a duel between drivers. The trailer only shows two cars battling each other after one of them offered their key as a wager. Over the past year, it was rumoured that Solar Crown could be focused on a 1v1 online experience, so this would fit that narrative well.

At the end of the trailer, the ‘next chapter’ is teased. July 2021 will therefore mark the next time a big announcement is likely to hit. It is unlikely that ‘next chapter’ hints at a release date as the gameplay is still to be revealed.

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