Update: Thrustmaster Teases T248 Racing Wheel on Twitter

Thrustmaster Teases T248 Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster are producing a new budget racing wheel which they are calling the T248.

Photo credit: Codemasters / Thrustmaster

Update 30 August, 3:15pm CEST

As of Monday 30 August, Thrustmaster have formally announced the new T248 racing wheel on Twitter. Stay tuned as we will serve up any fresh information regarding the T248 as it comes to us!

Original news from 26 August

After Thrustmaster’s recent revelation of their roadmap for the remainder of 2021, it seems that the hardware manufacturer is set to announce a whole new steering wheel and pedals set for PS4, PS5 and PC. The Thrustmaster T248 is a budget item, at least by the standards of racing wheels, and as such it is aimed primarily at newcomers to the world of sim racing hardware. Here is everything we know about the new wheel so far.

Thrustmaster T248

First and foremost, the new Thrustmaster T248 will hit the market at a price of £299.99/€349.99, putting it at the lower end of things for serious sim racing wheels. At this price range, the T248 is likely intended to be a replacement for the T300RS. As such, this new wheel won’t feature any industry-leading technology such as direct drive. Instead, it is designed to be a solid and reliable racing wheel for beginners, or for those on a budget.

In terms of what the wheel has to offer, it features three force feedback settings, each designed to emphasise a certain area of feedback, a wide array of buttons on the wheel’s face, and LCD screen which can display a variety of information such as current speed, RPM, gear and so on.

It is possible that the T248 is the model Thrustmaster referred to in their roadmap as a ‘hybrid drive’ racing wheel. If it is indeed the same thing, then we can look forward to one more major Thrustmaster racing wheel release in 2021 in the form of their upcoming direct drive wheel. If this is not the hybrid drive wheel, then the T248 is only the first of three wheels from Thrustmaster before the end of the year. Thrustmaster are yet to put out any information themselves regarding the T248, so this is still up in the air at the moment.

T3PM Pedals

Alongside the new T248 wheel are the T3PM pedals. These ought to be a significant upgrade on the previous T3PA pedals offered by Thrustmaster. The pedals themselves are larger than those of the T3PA model. The metal pedals are supported by a plastic and rubber base, and feature adjustable springs which alter the brake pressure to an apparent maximum of 200kg! Take a look at our video review of the T3PA pedals to learn what you can expect from the T3PM model.

Pre-orders for the new Thrustmaster T248 will be available in just a few days, on 31 August, with the actual launch date currently being set as 21 October 2021.

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