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New Videos Tease Upcoming ‘ESL R1’ Competition in Rennsport


Upcoming sim racing title Rennsport is teaming up with established esports production company ESL.

Photo credit: ESL / Rennsport

Two new videos released by ESL on social media tease the arrival of a new sim racing competition called “ESL R1” in Rennsport. The videos dropped on Thursday hint at the date of January 23, where we expect to learn more about the collaboration between ESL and Rennsport.

The videos are quite vacuous, simply showing us a few cars in a CGI environment, a logo and the hinted date of January 23. The official website, however, is giving more precise information. A countdown is counting towards January 23, 11 AM CET, which is when we expect more details on ESL R1.

The collaboration of ESL and Rennsport has already been public since 2022. However, the confirmation that the partnership between ESL and Rennsport is taking shape is hyping up fans in the scene.

Rennsport aims to be a full-on racing simulation, focusing on GT racing and esports. According to the official website, a closed beta is about to start this month and an open beta in spring 2023. The game is expected to be released this year, but esports events could be ran earlier.

ESL partnering with Rennsport is a big deal in the business. The German company is one of the biggest tournament organizers in esports.

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