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Next Forza Motorsport will Feature 500+ Cars

According to the latest information, the upcoming Forza Motorsport will feature more than 500 cars and 800 upgrades.

Photo credit: Turn 10 Studios / Microsoft

The new details about the upcoming Forza Motorsport title were announced during the “Xbox Developer_Direct” livestream on Wednesday, January 25 by Gabriel Garcia, Vehicle Art Director at Turn 10 Studios.

The six-minute segment also gave an insight into the development process of Forza Motorsport and its game features. However, one important piece of information was missing.

Physics and Graphics Upgrades Promised

Besides the big pool of cars, Garcia pointed out advancements in the physics model and graphics, which will feature raytracing effects, as well as 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. Graphic details like dirt accumulation will be more realistically simulated in the game.

Forza Motorsport will launch with 20 environments. Besides returning fan favourites like Spa-Francorchamps, five new locations will be part of the game, with the South African Kyalami Circuit being one of them. According to Arthur Shek, Dreictor of Motorsport Content, tracks in Forza Motorsport will be built from photogrammetry and laser-scanned data.

The developers also put emphasis on the dymanic weather and lightining feature, which was already announced for Forza Motorsport earlier.

New Game Modes and a Missing Release Date

Creative Director Chris Esaki teased a new online racing mode and a new car-building-focused single player career.

However, one highly anticipated information has been missing in the presentation. At the moment, we still do not have a definite release date for Forza Motorsport. The presentation closed with an end card saying the game will be “coming 2023”.

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