Next Level Racing announces Go Kart Plus rig
Image credit: Next Level Racing

Next Level Racing Announces Dedicated Karting Rig: Go Kart Plus

With GT and Formula style rigs dominating the market, karting is not getting too much sim racing love. But Next Level Racing is addressing the issue with the Go Kart Plus rig. Here is all you need to know about the company’s recent announcement.

Karting in sim racing is certainly a popular discipline. The dedicated game KartKraft provides a realistic simulation of the sport. Meanwhile, broader titles feature junior racers. A few days ago, our very own René showcased the Automobilista 2 go-karts on Twitch.

But to truly simulate the feeling of go-karts, one needs the correct posture. Unfortunately, very few sim racing rigs provide the feeling or position of a go-kart from the comfort of your own home. That is until now however as Next Level Racing has revealed the Go Kart Plus rig. A unique offering on the market, here is all we know.

What is the NLR Go Kart Plus?

A low-slung chassis, the Next Level Racing Go Kart Plus aims to replicate the ‘on the floor’ posture one adopts when racing go-karts. In fact, the idea is to better prepare younger racers when preparing for their next real-world races as well as give mere mortals the thrill of karting.

The Go Kart Plus is highly tuneable, with NLR stating it is built for the whole family. Seat, pedal and steering wheel position and angle are all adjustable. The company claims that people measuring anywhere from 1.10 metres all the way to 2 metres will fit perfectly aboard.

In addition, the padded fabric-covered seat can go from an aggressive karting position to perhaps a more comfortable, straight-up GT arrangement. Either way, driving the Go Kart Plus is sure to be a stiff experience.

The chassis is reportedly best suited to entry-level wheels. NLR’s promotional video highlights the model with a Thrustmaster T248. However, they also state that higher power wheels will work perfectly with the rig. In fact, the Go Kart Plus will reportedly cope with up to 13Nm of torque.

The whole thing sits on lockable castor wheels. However, they can be removed with the chassis coming with a Buttkicker adaptor whilst Next Level Racing’s Motion and Traction Plus mounts are also compatible with an optional adaptor.

Available to purchase as of writing this, the NLR Go Kart Plus comes in at £599, €649 or $599 according to the Next Level racing website.

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