Next Level Racing's F-GT Elite Cockpits are Finally Here

Next Level Racing’s F-GT Elite Cockpits are Finally Here

Next Level Racing are putting their F-GT Elite sim rig range up for sale today, 2 September.

Photo credit: Next Level Racing

A fair while after the initial announcement back in May, Next Level Racing has announced the impending release for sale of the F-GT Elite racing seat range. With the F-GT Elites, you can choose between a laid-back position suited for Formula cars, a more upright configuration for GT cars, or even a blend of both.

There are three different editions for consumers to choose from, these being the Wheel Base Edition, the Front & Side Mount Edition and the iRacing Edition, which also comes with a 12-month subscription to iRacing itself. All three versions are relatively similar, each being a primarily aluminium frame with a focus on adjustability. The Wheel Base and iRacing models are built more for a wider range of wheels like your traditional belt and gear driven wheels, however the Front & Side Mount Edition is built more for powerful direct drive wheels.

How much will it cost?

The Wheel Base Edition will set you back €999/$999/£899. The Front & Side Mount Edition adds a chunk to the pricing compared the Wheel Base Edition, coming in at €1,099/$1,099/£999. These are also the listed prices for the iRacing Edition, which includes that iRacing 12-month subscription.

There’s also a cost to come with getting a seat to fit the frame. Next Level Racing have also revealed the Elite ES1 seat which you can get in a range of positions. The price of this will be €399/$399/£349. Prices for all these items in Europe and the UK include VAT.

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