NFS Underground 2: What a remaster could look like

NFS Underground 2: What a remaster could look like

A Russian YouTube channel may have inadvertently got Need For Speed fans’ hopes up as they created their own trailer for Underground 2.

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A mainstay in the world of racing games is Need For Speed, which first launched in 1994 and has had its corner of the market all to itself. Such iconic titles of the series include Hot Pursuit, Most Wanted and Carbon.

However, one of the leading lights in this highly successful series is Underground 2, which was released in 2004 and became a lot of NFS players’ fan favourite. For years, Need for Speed fans have been pleading with the developers to remaster some of the old games for the new-generation hardware.

We have had successors in name, such as the Hot Pursuit game of 2010 and Most Wanted of 2012, but they weren’t considered full on remasters. Well, the appetite for a full on remaster has only further been whetted with a video published by a Russian YouTube channel named ODONATA CINEMA. They created a trailer for Need For Speed Underground 2 and scaled it up to modern day graphics to show what it may look like on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.

The trailer features iconic cars from the NFS series, including the Nissan 350z of Rachel Teller, the Skyline of Eddie who appeared in the first Underground game, and the iconic BMW M3 GTR which dons the cover of Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

As of now, the next Need For Speed title is currently unknown and would have been set to launch this year. However, many members of the team that develops the NFS games have apparently been reassigned to work on Battlefield 2042. This means the earliest we can expect the next Need For Speed title to be released is late 2022.

Nobody knows just yet what the title may be. It may be too late to expect it to be an Underground 2 remaster, but fans of the Underground series may have their prayers answered at least in some way if the next NFS title is a third installment of the series.

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