Official: NASCAR Heat 5 to be released in July

Official: NASCAR Heat 5 to be released in July

704 Games announced a new NASCAR Heat game. The fifth sequel will be released on July 10.

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Fans of the NASCAR Cup Series have something to look forward to in summer. NASCAR Heat 5, the official game for the 2020 season, is only two months away.

Developer 704 Games announced the upcoming game on Tuesday, May 5. All the drivers, teams and cars of the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series and the support series will be included, as well as 34 official tracks. However, the first announcement trailer only shows three of the car models featured in the game.

In NASCAR Heat 5, players will be able to dive into a career mode and work their way up from the Xtreme Dirt Series to the NASCAR Cup Series. 704 Games also announced a new challenge mode, a track-testing mode and esports support.

The cover star for the upcoming NASCAR game is going to be Chase Eliott from Hendrick Motorsports. NASCAR legend Tony Stewart is featured on the cover of the Gold Edition.

This special edition will already be available from July 7. The game comes for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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