PlayStation 5: No in-store purchases on release day

PlayStation 5: No in-store purchases on release day

Players won’t be able to buy the PlayStation 5 in stores when the new console gets released on November 12.

Photo credit: Sony

The PS5 is finally entering the stores this month – or, actually, not quite so. In light of the COVID 19-pandemic, Sony has announced on Thursday that the next-generation console will be sold only through online-sales on its release dates in the respective regions.

The PlayStation 5 will come to the US-American and some other markets on November 12, while the rest of the world has to wait until November 19. As expected, the hype among console-gamers is huge. However, in light of the COVID 19-pandemic, the company has now made an effort to avoid any increased human contact on their release days by moving all sales online.

With the absence of available PS5 units in stores, there will be no people queueing in front of stores, potentially endangering other people by spreading the virus. However, purchases can be made online, effectivley “keeping […] gamers, retailers, and staff safe amidst COVID-19”, as Sony stated in their announcement.

Gamers who have ordered their PS5 online can still collect it at their selected retailer, though. The agreed upon pick-up-time and regular hygiene protocol of the respective store applies.

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