Open-World Racer CarX Street Heading To PC This Year, Probably..
Images: CarX Technologies

Open-World Racer CarX Street Heading To PC This Year, Probably… 

The Need for Speed rivalling CarX Street seems to be inching closer to a release with an Early Access time frame (ish) laid out. 

We’ve been here before. Preeminent mobile racing game developer CarX Technologies has been trying to get its CarX Street project off the ground for some time. 

In fact, it succeeded, when the game was released for mobile Apple devices in November 2022. An Android release followed soon after, with the Play Store edition touting over five million downloads to date. 

When the game was originally announced way back in 2021, PC was the main agenda with consoles to follow. Following a series of progress reports, it was then delayed until 2022. But then, following the iOS release, mysteriously, the ‘bigger’ version was held back. There has been little in the way of status updates in the intervening years, either. 

That changed today, 19th January 2024, when the developers – also known for the popular CarX Drift Racing Online available for PC and consoles – issued a statement claiming that they are hoping Street hits PC under the Early Access programme in 2024. 

“According to our rough estimates, we’ll need 2-3 months to finish all the necessary work and after that we’ll organize another round of closed beta test which will be a sort of final test before Early Access release,” explains CarX Technologies. 

“Once again, we’d like to point out that game development is a “live” process and some unforeseen circumstances are possible to happen and affect [sic] development process, so we are not ready yet to announce any specific date for Early Access or final release.” 

CarX Street PC Early Access 2024

It will be set in an environment that aims to replicate the popular TikTok viral gaming videos of cars drifting around turns in lurid slides or darting between highway traffic. The world (Sunset City) is fictional, and the cars are bereft of licences. The aim is to climb your way through street racing clubs, with vehicle tuning abound. 

How the free-to-play in-game economy is removed, presumably, and the control input adapted or refined remains to be seen. We hope at least, it sees the light of day to test that – we’re nearly three years since the initial announcement and supposed in-game screenshots. 

Further news is expected throughout the year as it nears release. 

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