OverTake says thank you!

OverTake says thank you!

Nitro Nights, Clash of Racers, gamescom: a lot of events and special productions happened over the last 100 days on OverTake.

It’s hard to believe, but we have been live for 100 days already! 100 days full of content, articles, new games, videos, collaborations, fun with the community and a multitude of highlights along the way. Thank you for all your support during this journey. We hope to be able to give something back to you, and we are hyped to produce more content. Let’s increase the following numbers together:

OverTake says thank you!
If you binge-watch all OverTake videos, it would take you over 1.2 days to finish. And you really watched a lot, as the watchtime bar doesn’t even fit on the graphic.

Clash of Racers

One of the most radiant highlights in the past 100 days was our Clash of Racers livestream on June 21. We invited eight top esports racing influencers to compete in two teams against each other. And of course, since we wouldn’t be anything without our community, two of our fastest readers had the chance to take part in the action as well. Seven games were played over the course of the evening and 26 people worked on the production to celebrate our launch with you guys.

The Clash of Racers crew
The Clash of Racers crew

In the end, it was Max Benecke who secured the victory for Team Red. The Clash of Racers launch stream was definitely one of our favorite moments and we loved to cheer with you guys for all the drivers. You’ve stayed through several hours of racing action and supported every driver with self-made slogans.

Nitro Nights

Our proudest work is Nitro Nights. Each week, our hosts Froskurinn, Melly and Tom Deacon have a special guest on our talk show: esports racing pros, influencers, content creators or real-world racers get invited to talk about their career and current events in the scene. We are really stoked to offer a platform where stories can be told, and fans can discover their potential new favorite content creator.

Because of COVID-19 and the lockdown, we had to launch the show in Tom’s living room. After a few weeks, our brand new studio was finally ready for its housewarming party and Nitro Nights was ready to be presented in a new livery.

From Tom’s living room staight into our studio

The highlights in 100 days: our overlights

The entire team here at OverTake has been working hard during the past 100 days to offer the best quality content for esports racing fans. We asked our crew about their favorite moments.

Mike (video lead): Clash of racers was an absolute highlight. We collaborated with the some of the biggest influencers of the scene to make something that has never been seen before.

Nana (editor): A lot of events happened in the past 100 days. One of the most exciting weeks was definitely gamescom, as we have all been waiting for new information on upcoming racing games.


Simon (editor): It’s been a bit of a challenge, but it’s incredibly great to see when all the pieces come together. I can’t wait to see where OverTake is going to be after 100 more days.

Richard (editor): Although I only joined OverTake a month ago, I have learned a lot and had some great moments. A particular highlight was being drafted in at the last moment to feature in a Nitro Nights episode with Tom Deacon. It’s also exciting to be around people who share my passion for gaming.

Marvin (editor): My OverTake highlight was certainly the first episode Nitro Nights Episode. I was in the production when it all started and felt like something special was created at that moment. Other than that, I was proud when one of my articles went through the roof. Especially because I didn’t depend on SEO relevance to gain clicks like other editors do.

Max (editor): I personally like all the interviews and tutorials we made for OverTake as well as Nitro Nights. Many great personalities of the esports racing scene have been giving us some cool insights and I look forward to bringing even more of that to the community. The interview with Lee Mather has been one of the best ones, for sure.


Matthias (content team lead): My personal highlight was seeing the hard work of the team come to life in an effort to give virtual racing enthusiasts from casual gamers to sim pros a home. From pinnacle moments like the Clash of Racers to the regular coverage of esports and educational content, it was an all-round pleasure to see the project grow and I am looking forward to many more milestones on OverTake.

Kristin (product team lead): My favourite moment was the launch of Nitro Nights Online. We’ve been preparing the launch of OverTake for quite some time already, so it was amazing to see our first format go live. Additionally, it happened right during the COVID-19 lockdown, so we produced it entirely from home. It was quite a challenge but also taught us a lot of new things.

Thank you to our community! We really appreciate all your support and are ready to deliver more esports racing content for you in the next 100 days.

What was your highlight from this journey with OverTake so far? Is there anything you hope for the future? Tell us on Twitter at @overtake_gg!