Every Wednesday on Twitch: Stream Team!

Every Wednesday on Twitch: Stream Team!

Welcome to Stream Team! Our new Twitch format provides you with original racing content every week.

Photo credit: OverTake

Can’t get enough of esports racing? OverTake has got you covered! Our newest Twitch format Stream Team launches on Wednesday, November 11, and features your favorite influencers. And the best part: a new episode is coming out every week! There’s nothing more to do than lean back and tune in on our Twitch channel. So what are you waiting for?

Our finest selection of creators and content

Stream Team will offer a wide variety of virtual racing content, ranging from esports racing to rally and drift challenges. Four amazing influencers will take turns to host the stream every Wednesday, meaning one stream for each of them every month. They will keep you occupied in a three-hour-stream of which the exact times will regularly be announced on our Twitter page. Also be prepared to challenge our influencers to some gripping races yourself! Now, let’s take a look at the four hosts we have selected for you:

Maximilian ‘Fragstube‘ Witt is a German CS:GO veteran with more than 55,000 followers on Twitch. He will be the one to kick off our new format with the first stream on November 11. In Stream Team, the shooter connoisseur will find his way to esports racing while taking you with him on his journey through the F1 career mode. Join him live on the stream from 7 PM CEST (1 PM ET)!

HokiHoshi – content creator and car-enthusiast – regularly entertains over 60,000 subscribers on YouTube, and also you on Stream Team! In his streams, he will mainly try nothing less than creating world records in the arcade title Art of Rally. Besides that, you will see him demonstrating VR racing and you can also challenge him yourself to a Touge race in the Japanese mountains.

Australian sim racer Beau Albert is also part of our Stream Team! He is currently competing in the VRS Sprint Series as well as the 2020 iRacing Rallycross World Championship, but will also find time to interact with you while hosting our stream.

And last but never the least, Emily Jones, our Hero of the Month of October, is part of the Stream Team roster! The Australian sim racer and winner of the PESC All-Star race will also be competing in the Gran Turismo Sport World Championship, and we are proud to have her on our team. She will be streaming regular and ranked races on both iRacing and GT Sport.

Tune in to the streams of our influencers every Wednesday on OverTake’s Twitch channel! For more information, also follow us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg!

Creating a brand-new platform for esports racing comes from a necessity the community was lacking. Because esports racing has taken the whole world, it deserves a proper stage to shine. With fans all over the globe, OverTake is here to unite them all in one place – a bold move that we’re up to achieve together with the community.