Patch makes Destruction AllStars even more action-packed

Patch makes Destruction AllStars even more action-packed

With better netcode and more slamming, online multiplayer is set to be a lot more fun in Destruction AllStars.

Photo credit: Sony

Lucid Games, the developers behind the PS5 exclusive Destruction AllStars, have brought a fresh new update to the game. The patch intends to revitalise the online multiplayer section of the game in particular, but other changes such as a re-design of the in-game shop have also been made.

What’s Changed?

First and foremost among the changes is the reduced cooldown on slams. Slamming opponents by flicking the right analogue stick is a central part of the gameplay, but the relatively high cooldown had led to players having too much un-interactive downtime when playing online. With the new reduced cooldown, players will be able to slam each other more often, thus leading to a more interactive experience.

Along with that change, there have been some more technical tweaks in order to ensure that the game feels smooth even with ping differences. Among these are the resolution of an issue in which side slams would not register correctly, graphical improvements to collision particles and sparks, and some reworked netcode which should result in fewer ‘ghost hits’ being registered. Ghost hits refer to occasions when a player takes damage from another despite the two not having actually made contact.

On top of these major changes, there are a lot of more minor alterations, tweaks and re-balancing acts which are also part of the patch.

What is Destruction AllStars?

If you aren’t familiar with the game itself, it has a little of both Rocket League and Overwatch combined within it. Players drive cars around with boosts and stunts, like in Rocket League. However, while in Rocket League the goal is to score, well, goals, Destruction AllStars is more like a demolition derby. Obstacles such as giant spinning blades give a lively and challenging battleground in which players attempt to destroy one another’s cars by use of powerups and straight up collisions. It’s a chaotic and cartoonish action-packed brawl at its core.

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