Latest Beam.NG Drive update released

Beam.NG Update 0.28 Brings Many Improvements

The latest update for Beam.NG Drive is out now. ‘Spring Renovations’ brings several small fixes to the game including a reworked map and car.

Image Credit: Beam.NG Drive

With ridiculously realistic soft-body physics, Beam.NG Drive has always been the go-to simulator if you want to have fun watching a car crumble into pieces. But with recent updates, it is becoming an out-and-out racing simulator.

Did you know: BeamNG is the most played racing game on Steam in 2023.

Today, the game’s developers have released a new update dubbed ‘Spring Renovations.’ Adding several small improvements and fixes, it is far from the scale of December’s Conquer the Desert update. But improving both the game’s feel and look, it shows that much more is on the horizon for this in-development game.

Open Doors in the Latest Beam.NG Update

Beam.NG Drive‘s soft-body physics mean every piece of bodywork can fly off the car during a crash. It allows bodywork to react in a hyper-realistic way to its surroundings. But one thing players are yet to be able to do is manually open doors. If you wanted to take a picture of your car with the doors open, it would require some tactful collisions, if you catch my meaning.

But in this new update to the game, one of the main features is the ability to open car doors. Furthermore, the feature also includes functional latches on bonnets and boots of almost all the cars in-game. Great for checking out your engine or getting a better look at the new leather seats in a certain updated model.

Refreshed ETK Car

Whilst this is not a new car, the game’s developers have paid a lot of attention to one of its large saloon cars, the ETK. A clear blend of many German luxury and performance saloons, it does its best to represent the feeling of legally not needing indicators. Jokes aside, the car is a fan favourite, especially in its racier iterations, so players will be happy with these changes.

The most noticeable changes are the new versions of the car bringing visual modifications as well as performance parts. All-new engine layouts for this Autobahn weapon join a spreadsheet’s worth of wheel, body kit and suspension choices. The car in its many forms is available in both a saloon and estate version now.

Track Renovations

The Automation Test Track has been a part of Beam.NG Drive ever since the two titles came together. But it has never matched the level of detail of other maps in the crash-tastic game. In this latest update, the Beam.NG Drive representation of the circuit has received a large refresh bringing it more in-line with other, more recent locations.

Drastically improving the vegetation around the circuit and its surrounding environment, the venue looks much prettier now than it did in the past. The grass and trees certainly look more realistic and the colour tones fit the game’s other areas much better. Furthermore, added detail to the buildings brings a better sense of immersion. Although you definitely don’t want to get too close a look unless you want your new ETK Sedan to find itself halfway through a local’s house.

Alongside the headlining changes, the Spring Renovations update brings several minor additions. Each track now has several new challenges whilst the user interface gets a major overhaul. Finally, a new stat-tracking system will better show players the challenges they have completed and the time they spend in each car and track.

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