0.31.3 v0.31.3 Hotfix Released

Just over a month after the release of 0.31,‘s developers have released another wave of hotfixes. This month’s v0.31.3 includes quality-of-life improvements as well as force feedback alterations and UI changes. v0.31.3 Quality-Of-Life Improvements

  • Bruckell Moonhawk
    • Fixed missing texture on the nosecone on some variants
  • Gavril Grand Marshal
    • Fixed texture issues on the stock right exhaust
  • Gavril Roamer
    • Fixed facelift tailgate not closing after opening
  • Gavril T-Series
    • Fixed ram plough UV issue and increased texture density
    • Fixed cargo load box attachment points on the flatbed and box upfits
    • Improved ram plough collision
  • Ibishu Covet
    • Fixed trailer fuel tank meshes being on the wrong sides
    • Fixed not showing broken fuel tanks UI message
    • Fixed fuel still being transferred after the trailer broke off without damaging the fuel tanks
  • Ibishu Miramar
    • Fixed Jbeam issues with door mirrors
  • Ibishu Pessima (1988-1991)
    • Fixed carbon fibre hood not closing correctly
  • Ibishu Pessima (1996-2000)
    • Fixed issues with rear seats and fuel cell
  • Wentward DT40L
    • Fixed ram plough being invisible
  • Trailers
    • Flatbed trailer
      • Added ability for bogie to latch on the last available position on 48ft trailer
  • Props
    • Cone prop
      • Removed the ability to remove the cone completely in parts selector

Early Preview: Career Mode

The early access career mode is still very much under wraps. However, there have been some changes to the playable version. It is good to see the development team actively changing and monitoring the mode. If you have not heard about the career mode before, check out our guide on how to get started with the early access version.

  • Fixed issue where some part slots could be missing from the part shopping menu in some cases
  • Fixed some issues with garage parking spots where vehicles could be placed in the wrong position

Livery Creator

A fairly new addition to BeamNG, the livery editor allows players to, as the name suggests, create custom paint jobs for their favourite cars. It has not been without its faults, but the devs are acting upon feedback from the community.

  • Vehicle Livery Creator
    • Fixed texture fill layer projection when using a scale value of less than 1.0
    • Fixed selected material being wrong in some cases (e.g. for the Gavril Roamer – Sheriff variant)
    • Fixed error when trying to open world editor in main menu
    • Fixed error where the tool was referencing a missing shape
    • Fixed the tool writing an empty json file even if no brushes have been created
    • Replaced a nice placeholder skin price with an elite value
    • World Editor tool: Changed the name of the tool in the ‘Windows’ dropdown from Dynamic Decals to Vehicle Livery Creator
    • World Editor tool: Link in news window now refers to the forum thread
    • World Editor tool: Also allow JPG decal textures rather than just PNG files
    • World Editor tool: Fixed the table of contents sorting in the documentation window

The livery editor has a lot of potential to be used within the career mode especially. Creating liveries for haulage fleets of trucks for example, or creating a racing team with matching liveries for the cars and trucks. There is an endless level of possibilities, and once the career mode is finally launched, expect to see it being used extensively.

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