Buick Grand National and BMW M2 In Need for Speed Unbound Vol. 5
Image credit: Criterion Games

Big Update: Need For Speed Unbound Vol. 5 Released

Need for Speed Unbound Vol. 5 is here, as Criterion Games have published a big update for the game. Here’s what players can look forward to.

The additions to Unbound include new speed pass content, two impressive premium DLC packs, new cars, an essential wrap editor change and much more.

Need For Speed Unbound Vol. 5: New Cars

  • BMW M2 Coupe (2023)
  • Mercury Cougar (1967)
  • Buick Grand National (1987)

The BMW M2 is the starring standout in the trio of new vehicles. However, all three cars have extensive ‘Custom’ variations that can be earned and are a welcome addition to the growing car list of NFS Unbound.

The brand new Mercury Cougar
Mercury Cougar (1967). Image credit: Criterion Games

Unbound’s Linkup Challenge Area Expansion

Linkups, for up to sixteen players, now cover all fourteen areas of Lakeshore City despite the recent lack of map expansions. These include the Yams Wind Farm, Jefferson Quarry, and Marigold Golf Course.

Linkups are four objective based missions that can be run with up to sixteen players. They can be accessed through the Lakeshore Online mode, with the best rewards handed out to the to player in the group at the end. Consequently, it is a race to claim the MVP title to grab the best rewards on offer.

Need for Speed Unbound's linkup mode
Linkups in Need For Speed Unbound. Image credit: Criterion Games

Unbound’s New DLC Packs

With dramatic body kits, incomprehensibly-sized wings and, of course, underglow, emphatic components all contribute to the new DLC packs in Need For Speed Unbound Vol. 5. Three of them are available as part of the update.

Trick or Street Swag Pack

Featuring the incredible Mini John Cooper Works Countryman, this pack will make you stand out from a mile away. Focusing on the ‘Rubber Hose’ style of cinematic film, this pack brings the golden age of American animation to Unbound.

Included Items:

  • MINI John Cooper Works Countryman (2017)
  • 1 Underglow
  • 7 Pieces Of Clothing
  • 1 Banner Art
  • 2 Character Poses
  • 10 New Decals
  • 1 Driving Effect
  • 4 Custom License Plates
  • 1 Banner
  • 1 Custom Horn
Trick or street swag pack, Mini John Cooper Works Countryman
Trick Or Street DLC Pack. Image credit: Criterion Games

Vol. 5 Customs Pack

This pack forms the main body of the DLC release. The Customs Pack adds three brand new custom vehicles to NFS Unbound, namely the Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport, BMW i8 Coupe and Mercedes-AMG C 63.

Additionally, these three cars will be available in their stock forms as part of Need For Speed Unbound Vol. 5. A broad range of new parts and decals for all three machines will also be included in the Speed Pass.

Overall, the Customs Pack is mathematically the best value for money out of the three in Vol. 5.

The new Customs pack cars
Unbound Customs DLC. Image credit: Criterion Games

Volkswagen Beetle “Legendary” Custom Pack

The visual appearance of the Legendary Beetle is certainly loud, albeit lairy – but that is how they do things in Unbound. Alongside the Bug, a 10-level speed pass boost is included. Rather anticlimactically, that is all there is to the pack.

Brand-new Volkswagen Beetle Custom
Volkswagen Beetle Custom Pack. Image credit: Criterion Games

NFS Speed Pass Content

  • 13 new banners
  • 7 new driving effects
  • 6 Re-coloured under glows.  
  • 13 Pieces of character clothing
  • 5 new character poses
  • 39 new decals
  • 2 custom horns
  • 7 new banner arts
  • 5 banner audios
  • 5 new sets of wheels
  • 2 license plates
  • Buick Grand National GNX (1987) Custom Build

Whilst the list looks rather extensive and competent, the Speed Pass unfortunately falls at the first hurdle. Whilst there is a free row you can earn, the paid content is mostly cosmetic items.

The new sets of wheels and decals will be utilized in players crazy builds, but the rest of the list is unlikely to wow most players. A possible exception: the 1987 Buick Grand National GNX Custom Build.

Need For Speed Unbound adds new character poses. Image credit: Criterion Games


Players can prove themselves worthy of the LCPD bad books by completing over sixty new Daily, Weekly, and One-Shot Challenges in Vol. 5.

To sweeten the deal, if you perform twenty-five near misses with the LCPD whilst behind the wheel of any BMW, you will be thrown the keys to the brand new BMW M2 Coupe (2023).

BMW M2 Challenge Reward Car
BMW M2 Coupe in NFS Unbound. Image credit: Criterion Games

Wrap Editor

Despite praise from the community about the wrap editor in NFS Unbound, there was always one tool missing: Masking.

Evidently, Criterion Games listened, as that is exactly what they have added to the already brilliant wrap editor.

Need For Speed Unbound‘s Wrap Editor has a useful new feature . Image Credit: Criterion Games

Need For Speed Unbound Vol. 5 Patch Notes

Under the hood, the update also introduces several fixes and improvements. Most importantly, cloud saving issues have been addressed, and events that were missing or not showing up should now be there for all players who should see them.

Want to know everything that is going on for NFS Unbound Vol. 5? You can find the full list of patch notes here.

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