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EA Fixes Major F1 23 Tyre Wear Bug in Patch 1.07

The league racing community was in uproar after finding out about a tyre wear bug. Codemasters and EA have now rectified it and much more in F1 23 patch v1.07.

A week ago, we reported on the findings from the competitive F1 23 community. As it turns out, even on equal performance mode, the cars didn’t have equal tyre wear. This caught the attention of Codemasters and EA, who promised to rectify it.

They have now done so in the latest patch, so now the Red Bull and Ferrari wear out at the same rate. Much to the collective relief of the top level drivers who compete in the Pro Championship.

That’s certainly the most prominent fix, but there were many more. So, here are some additional fixes that came with F1 23 Patch v1.07.

F1 23 Patch Changes

On the Xbox versions of the game, Logitech wheel users had certain issues. Among them were a loss of force feedback and a loss of an auto save feature, both of which have been rectified.

Speaking of force feedback, PC users would sometimes find it lacking after tabbing out from the gam. That has now been fixed too.

There has also been a fix for no pit limit speed or distance warning message displaying on the UI when in cockpit camera.

An issue with frame rates dropping when a player disconnects mid-race has been rectified. There have been reports from many PC users that there are frame rate issues beyond multiplayer, but there seems to be no indication of that being addressed yet.

Of course, there are some other general stability improvements and various minor fixes. For more on all the fixes made in F1 23 patch v1.07, go to the official patch notes page on the EA website.

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