Car with Dragon Dance livery on Shanghai Circiut in F1 22.

F1 22 Podium Pass Series 5 Celebrates Lunar New Year

F1 22

The latest edition of the F1 22 Podium Pass has been released. The Pass, which features Lunar New Year content, is available now.

Image credit: Codemasters / EA.

F1 22 is celebrating Lunar New Year with Series 5 of its Podium Pass which was released with Patch 1.17 on all platforms. From January 18 to March 1, new liveries, badge emblems and racing attire themed around the beginning of the lunar calendar year can be unlocked across 30 levels.

Several Items to Unlock for Free

Podium Pass Series 5 awaits with lots of free content for all players. Items such as victory voicelines, race suits and gloves are available for everyone upon reaching tiers 1, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 18, 21, 24, 27 and 30.

Level 21 is especially interesting with a blue-and-white car livery waiting to be unlocked.

A free livery waits upon reaching level 21 of Podium pass Series 5. Image credit: Codemasters

VIP Tier with Exclusive Content

According to publisher EA, “more than twice as many” items are waiting for those who buy the VIP Tier of Podium Pass 5.

Starting off at level 1, buyers can unlock the blue-and-green Rabbit Zodiac livery which is celebrating the approaching year of the Water Rabbit. Gloves, a helmet and a racesuit matching the livery are available as well.

This livery is themed around the Rabbit Zodiac. Image credit: Codemasters.

Upon reaching level 10 to 18, you unlock the Lion Dance set which includes another car livery and matching attire for your character.

The Lion Dance on the Shanghai Circuit in F1 22. Image credit: Codemasters.

Completing the Podium Pass by reaching level 30 will grant access to the Dragon Dance set, including a red livery with a big dragon on the sides of your car and matching clothing.

The Dragon Dance set is the highlight of Podium Pass Series 5 in F1 22. Image credit: Codemasters.

What does F1 22 Podium Pass Series 5 cost?

The new Podium Pass Series 5 costs 9,000 pit coins, which is the in-game currency in F1 22. PitCoin can be bought using real currency. 11,000 PitCoin currently costs 8.99$ (7.99 pounds, 8.99€).

With the F1 22 Podium Pass, players can unlock cosmetic items for their cars and driver avatars in F1 22. By playing the game and completing challenges, players gain XP to reach higher tiers which unlock new items.

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