F1 23 update version 1.08
Image credit: EA Sports

F1 23 Update adds F1 Replay and AI in Leagues

Today, F1 23 got its latest update. Alongside many big fixes, version 1.08 also adds a pair of new features to the game that should improve longevity.

The latest Formula One title from EA has now been out for over a month and players have had time to test it out. Thanks to a push from the developers to iron out any issues players have with F1 23, it has received a number of updates already.

The latest F1 23 update released today, 24 July and includes a number of bug fixes. However, it also introduces a brand-new game mode as well as more online features. The former is sure to keep fans coming back for more as it tracks goings on in the real life sport.

F1 Replay in F1 23

The major addition in version 1.08 of F1 23 is certainly the new event type joining the title. Dubbed F1 Replay, it allows players to recreate the real-world races of the 2023 season as they take place.

Setting up a race with the same grid as the weekend’s real world race, it gives players the option to take control of any car and change history. Are you not a fan of a certain result? Jump in the game and alter how the race plays out giving your favourite driver a better result.

Depending on your result, you will earn rewards in-game for your F1 World journey. In fact, the mode will sit within the title’s F1 World mode. EA originally teased this event type a few weeks ago during the Austrian Grand Prix.

AI in League Races

In addition to the new F1 Replay event type in F1 World, the new F1 23 update brings the ability to add AI cars to league events. Indeed, sometimes it is difficult to bring together full grids in a league. That’s why EA is letting fans pad out their races with AI cars.

An OverTake-coloured F1 car trying to pass Lewis Hamilton on the pit straight at Monaco during the night
Image credit: Codemasters / EA Sports

Racing in online servers against the AI is nothing new. The F1 series of games has seemingly always featured the two-player co-op career mode. However, this is the first time one can determine how many of each car type they want to feature in a race.

This addition comes with a number of AI bug fixes. The most significant being changes to the AI speed above the 100% difficulty mark. The AI cars should now be more competitive even up against the best players in the game.

Elsewhere, a number of issues from incorrect audio messages and DRS inaccuracies to Time Trial glitches and practice programs have been addressed. You can find the full changelog here.

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