Honda Super Formula engine joins Toyota in iRacing
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iRacing Season 4 Patch 2 Adds Honda SF23, Many Fixes


With iRacing Patch 2 for Season 4 comes a new version of the Super Formula SF23 with Honda power. Many new content improvements and bug fixes also feature.

A few weeks ago, iRacing released its latest update, ready for competition in Season 4 of 2023. Including lots of new content, there were obviously improvements to be made and issues to resolve. As a result, the second major patch for the season releases today.

Taking care of a number of issues encountered by users, this new patch also includes a new variant of the Super Formula car. With a lengthy changelog, here is everything you need to know about the newest iRacing update.

Honda Super Formula in iRacing

Much like the IndyCar Series in the US, Japan’s Super Formula is a popular national single seater series that pips brands against one another. Though the Dallara-built SF23 chassis does not change, there are two engine choices for teams. Now, iRacing reflects this intense Super Formula manufacturer rivalry between Honda and Toyota.

Thankfully for players, both versions of the car fall under the same model in the iRacing store. As such, one purchase will provide fans with both the Honda engine and Toyota variant.

Aside from the addition of a second engine choice, this car receives a number of fixes. From engine cover name placement to audio errors and faulty steering wheel displays, the SF23 will now be far more accurate to the real life model.

Car Fixes

Whilst the big news in the Season 4 Patch 2 update for iRacing is the addition of a new Super Formula model, the rest of the changelog is far more mundane. The majority of the notes focus on fixes made to newly added content.

For new cars, New Damage Model adjustments have been made, noticeably to the Ferrari. Whereas the previous Season 4 patch addressed GTP rear wings flying off with little force, it is now the 296 GT3’s rear end that gets adjustments. Indeed, the V6 engine’s cover and the rear wing will now be much stronger. Elsewhere, this model and many others receive tweaks to their rear view mirror logic.

Changes come to a number of official iRacing setups for cars like the Dallara IR-18, ARCA Chevy and Lotus 79. Finally, graphical optimisations affect the Porsche 963, Lamborghini Huracan GT3 and Audi R8 GT3.

iRacing Track Updates

This most recent season also brought new circuits to the fray. In today’s patch, these receive attention. Zandvoort’s new scan previously forced players to switch lanes on rolling starts. But now, the polesitter will get to start on the correct lane whilst wall flickering issues and missing flags are all resolved.

Kern County also gets a number of bug fixes from surface issues to missing graphical elements. A similar surface issue has been addressed at Kansas Speedway and Homestead Miami. Finally, those racing at Fuji must be wary of a new slowdown gate at the final turn.

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