Karting Superstars Update 1.0.5
Image credit: Original Fire Games

Karting Superstars Update 1.0.5 Introduces Online Collisions & “Human DRS”

Karting Superstars Update 1.0.5 is here, and with it, online collisions are now a thing in the indie racer by Original Fire Games. Additionally, a new game mechanic debuts.

Following their first effort Circuit Superstars, Original Fire Games went back to the racing roots of many careers with Karting Superstars. Instead of a variety of vehicles, players race in karts exclusively, and the top-down view was replaced by a chase cam.

The title hit early access in September and has since received a smaller and two regular updates, most recently in late October. Those mostly contained fixes as well as a new track called Cherry Drive. Karting Superstars 1.0.5 now introduces two changes that should change how the game is played considerably.

First off, collisions between karts are now enabled in online races. Thus far, players would simply ghost through each other, meaning the characteristics of a race were very different. Instead of doing hotlaps while seeing the competition on track, they will now properly race each other.

“Human DRS” Adds Strategy

Meanwhile, a brand-new game mechanic that OFG had already talked about in an interview with OverTake/RaceDepartment in the summer of 2023 makes its debut in Karting Superstars Update 1.0.5. Dubbed “human DRS” or Aeroduck (nothing to do with waterfowl, though), the system derives from the karting days of Creator and Programmer Alberto Mastretta and Designer Carlos Mastretta.

“Human DRS” allows for strategic deployment in order to create overtaking opportunities. Image credit: Original Fire Games

This allows racers to duck down behind the wheel of their karts, reducing drag for a certain amount of time. That way, Aeroduck can be a good tool to facilitate overtakes. With the absence of tire wear and fuel usage, this introduces the first strategic element to the game.

In addition to these two key elements, OFG have also tweaked Karting Superstars under the (non-existent kart engine) hood. The game’s load times were reduced and the livery players last raced will be auto-selected. Speaking of liveries: Six new non-customizable paints have been added, too.

Karting Superstars Update 1.0.5 Patch Notes

  • New Aeroduck 🦆 gameplay system: Your driver can now duck to draft. This resource can be used strategically to gain marginal advantages or pass other drivers at the right opportunity.
  •  Improved online driving experience.
  • Collisions are now permitted in online races.
  • Reduced load times in general, and in particular when two consecutive races happen on the same track.
  • Removed vehicle select. You now automatically use the livery you last selected in the garage.
  • Online races now have a driver showcase as you wait for players to join the race! This is a nice spot to show off your unlocked idles.
  • 6 non-customizable funky Kart liveries.
  • Key bindings will correctly reflect non-US keyboard layouts.

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