An overview of a closed off street circuit.
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Rennsport Beta 1.7 Patch Notes: Physics Updates, UI Changes


The latest update to the Rennsport beta sees a slew of new additions and amendments, including the new community track Orchard Road.

If you have access to the Rennsport beta, you can open up the Epic Games Launcher and find a new title update available to download. The primary bit of content is the inclusion of the new Orchard Road Street Circuit.

The track was created by the Singaporean-based sim racing outfit Legion of Racers. For those interested in driving it but who do not have access to Rennsport, you can download the Assetto Corsa version of the track on RaceDepartment.

But for the lucky few who have Rennsport beta access keys, here are the other changes that have come in patch 1.7.

Other Changes

Physics updates are part of this patch. They aim to fix as an issue where cars would shake inexplicably when on the grid waiting for a race to begin, and a problem specifically with the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992) where a certain setup change would make the car faster than it should be.

A league system has been implemented, more of which you can learn about on the official Rennsport website. There have also been fixes to the lighting across multiple tracks, which had suffered from stuttering before.

A game screen open with options for track, car and variables for the session.
This is how Rennsport’s user interface now looks in patch 1.7. Image credit: Competition Company

The user interface sees some changes, too. The Main Menu Layout, background images and the in-game loading screens have been refreshed compared to the previous iterations. Additionally, the devs are working on fixes to the UI during a rolling start and audio issues that the Porsche 911 GT3 R (992) has.

The yellow flag indicator blinking, car lights not working correctly and new content being hidden by filters, have also been amended. But perhaps most intriguingly, in-game credits have been added. It will be interesting to see how they work, if it will be like iRacing credits where you can earn them from racing in a certain number of races every season.

Also be on the lookout in your email inboxes. If you have previously signed up to get a beta access key, you may have received one during the latest drop. If you have not, though, give it a try by signing up here.

Rennsport Beta 1.7 patch notes changelog:

New content

  • Added Orchard Road Street Circuit
  • Added beta liveries



  • Fixed problem with cars shaking it out on the grid

Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992)

  • Fixed issues with car setup which made the car faster than expected

Gameplay features

  • Implemented Leagues


  • Fixed problems with stuttering happening on some maps due to light updates


  • Changed main menu layout
  • Changed UI background images
  • Changed in-game loading screen background and layout


  • Added in-game credits
  • Fixed problem with yellow flag indicator sometimes blinking
  • Fixed some problems with car lights not working correctly in some cases
  • Fixed problem with new content being hidden by filters when car filters were applied in room settings before the patch
  • Small CPU performance optimizations (more coming soon)

Know Issues

  • Rolling Start Limitations
    • No UI to aid the driver in what their position/speed in the rolling start should be (coming soon)
  • If the master volume slide is at 20 or lower, engine sound is not audible in the Porsche 911 GT3 R

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