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RIDE 5 Revamps Race Creator And Adds New Riding School

Five months after its release, Milestone’s RIDE 5 has been hit with a huge new patch. From a brand new game mode to heavily refined multiplayer modes, RIDE 5 speeds into 2024 in top gear.

Reworked Race Creator Mode

The race creator feature does exactly what it says on the proverbial tin. With RIDE 5’s latest update, however, Online competitions and Top competitions make their debut. This addition sees the race creator mode turn to online play for the first time since the title’s release.

The option to share and download other players’ competitions is also a welcomed addition to the revamped race creator mode. Players will be able to add their unique logos to their competitions as well as share them directly with friends on whichever platform they use.

The idea behind this major patch is customization. Players can now choose their rivals’ nationality, suit, helmet and suit colours and styles. Once you’ve set up all you need for your competition, you can save it or save and play it online. You’ll find it in the “My Competitions” tab, and you can decide anytime to remove it from the online marketplace.

RIDE 5 Riding School

Riding School is an entirely new game mode to RIDE 5. Within this Gran Turismo style mode, you can put yourself to the test across every included track. Each track is divided into four sectors with specific times to beat in each. Once you have beaten a sector, you’ll be awarded a medal (bronze, silver, gold). As soon as you obtain at least a bronze medal in every sector, you’ll unlock the final challenge; a complete lap to beat within the set time.

Each track has a specific bike and setup for its Riding School stages. The motivation behind adding the riding school was complaints about the lack of accessibility for new players. Bike games have always been difficult to nail. RIDE 5 is certainly one of the best to do it, and with this Riding School mode, new players will be able to pick the same up much quicker and be rewarded for progress appropriately.

Patch Notes

The full release from Milestone can be found here or on the official RIDE 5 website.

  • Released new game mode: Riding School
  • Reworked Race Creator mode 
  • Added Race creator preset sharing 
  • New cutscenes: pit box in pre-race career events
  • Time attack in Career now has unlimited laps
  • Looping tab bar in Editor sticker selection pages 
  • Improved information on how to unlock Bike settings options 
  • Added more aggressive rider animation at the start 
  • Improved first-person cameras
  • Anticheat steam and epic 
  • Minor fixes

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