Still no car fix: New F1 2020 patch disappoints fans

Still no car fix: New F1 2020 patch disappoints fans

Codemasters addresses graphic textures and driver information in the patch v1.15 for F1 2020.

Photo credit: F1 2020

The latest update for F1 2020 went live on January 18. Patch v1.15 fixed several minor in-game issues, like adding textures to the F2 track of Bahrain and evening out some faux pas that Codemasters committed in the drivers’ display.

Adjusted speed and the right flag

The new patch focuses on three drivers who had either inconsistent stats or incorrect information attached to them. Previously, an incorrect nationality was shown for New Zealander Marcus Armstrong and similarly, Pedro Piquet’s rear wing would display a false number. Additionally, Artem Markelov’s in-game character had an unfair advantage by being quicker than his fellow racers. However, these three issues are all bygones thanks to the latest patch.

Outside the drivers’ category, the update brought a few other changes. In the Time Trial mode, players will now have the opportunity to enable equal performance. Besides this, an incorrect warning was previously displayed when changing components between Practice and Qualifying, which is now removed. The last adjustment is more of a cosmetic one: sponsor boards and garage textures are now added on Bahrain’s track for F2.

But what about…?

While the current patch addresses only minor issues in the game, the comments section below F1’s announcement tweet suggests that many fans see bigger problems that need to be cleared up. Individual issues include game crashes, falsely displayed tire temperatures and inconsistencies in the AI. However, complaints about unequal car performance in the Grand Prix mode can be heard from several users.

Some players are especially angry as the mode Time Trial gets Codemasters attention in this patch, but the more popular Grand Prix does not. In any case, fans have a common point in claiming that much more important problems in the game were ignored in this current update. If Codemasters acknowledges this as an official issue, it might at least be addressed in upcoming patches.

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