Pay what you want for F1 2019 and Dirt Rally 2.0

Pay what you want for F1 2019 and Dirt Rally 2.0

Enhance your racing game library with the Humble Codemasters Bundle.

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The Humble Codemasters Bundle is out. It includes many racing games from one of the biggest developer studios of the racing scene. The bundle is available for sale until July 2, 2020.

Humble Bundle is a special offer which lets you decide how much money you pay for the games. The more money you spend, the more games you get. You can choose to donate your payment to a charity of your choice. You can also split the contribution between several charities and game developers.

The Humble Codemasters Bundle is a great opportunity to buy some of the best racing games on the cheap.

€1 for two racing games

To buy the first set of games you need to pay at least €1. This will give you access to Toybox Turbos, a fun tabletop racer which also supports virtual reality.

Toybox Turbos

Another racing game included is GRID Autosport, the ninth game of the TOCA touring car franchise. The first stage will also give you access to two non-racing games which are Overlord II and Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

Pay more than the average for more

The next stage of the Humble Bundle unlocks if you pay more than the average of all buyers, which is probably around €5. This will give you access to three more games and much extra content.

Rally fans will get their money’s worth. The bundle includes DiRT Rally as well as DiRT 4, two of the most popular rally games of all time. DiRT 4 fans can rejoice over additional content since the “Team Booster Pack” and the Hyundai R5 Rally Car are included as well.

Hyundai R5 Rally Car
Source: Codemasters

Relive Fernando Alonso’s final F1 season with F1 2018. The “Headline Content Pack” is another feature which grants two absolute classic cars of F1: the 2009 BRAWN BPG-001 and the 2003 Williams FW25.

How to get F1 2019 and DiRT Rally 2.0

To get the highlight games of the bundle you will have to invest at least €13.50. This will unlock F1 2019, the latest game of Codemasters’ most popular franchise. Compete against the best racers in the world and enjoy some laps on the legendary circuit at Hockenheim which is not going to be featured in F1 2020.

F1 2019
Source: Codemasters

You can also carve your way through some of the most iconic rally tracks around the world in DiRT Rally 2.0. The latest game of the franchise challenges your skills to the maximum. Drive the most powerful rally cars through dust and mud and compete in the FIA World Rallycross championship.

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