Have a first look at the PS5 User Interface

Have a first look at the PS5 User Interface

The PlayStation 5 will be out next month – Sony proudly presents a first look at the user interface.

Photo credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony’s PlayStation 5 has been eagerly awaited for most of the year, but will finally be released on November 12. To fan the excitement of the community, Sony has now uploaded a preview of the next generation console’s user interface, explaining new features and conveniences the previous models lacked.

Home screen features

The first thing a rookie-PS5-player will see is, of course, the system’s Home Screen. Like with the previous consoles, the user will be able to access various features and functions from here on. Installed games have their own HUB that can be accessed by simply selecting the game. Here, the player will be able to see recent achievements or shared content from friends in the PlayStation community system.

A small change affecting the new console’s home screen is the fact that the PlayStation Store will no longer be a stand-alone app, but a fully integrated feature. There will also be an Explore button for the user to discover news regarding the PS-network and games they are interested in, though Sony announced this feature to still be in a trial and adaptation phase.

In-game mode

The most prominent in-game feature of the next gen-console will be the Control Center. The player can easily access it by tapping a button on the controller and from there, moving various widgets and other functions presented to them on so-called Cards.

Functions encompass in-game information about current quests or challenges as well as progress made – this now includes a personalized time estimate as to how long it will take the player to complete said achievement. An exclusive feature for PlayStation Plus members allows them to receive direct advice and help from the system in certain games.

The next gen-controller

The trailer also revolves a lot around newly added features on the PlayStation 5 Dual Sense Controller. While players mostly had to rely on photo modes integrated in the game they were playing, the new PlayStation itself will now feature an easily accessible photo mode to capture in-game footage. It is opened via the Create button on the controller and photos or videos can subsequently be shared in parties that users can freely create. An integrated microphone in the controller is another surprising function previous models did not include, but next gen-players can now use to dictate messages to their friends or participate in voice chats.

Sony’s resume

In an exclusive interview with Eurogamer.net, Senior Vice President at Sony Interactive Entertainment Hideaki Nishino explained the central concept of the PlayStation 5’s user experience:

“So with the PS5 user experience, we are re-imagining the way the game works together with the hardware and network, delivering a truly next generation experience. The UX is completely centred around the player and we’re connecting players with gameplay – and a passionate community of gamers. So that’s the philosophy. We worked on this over the last several years, and we got together and as a single team across London, the United States and Tokyo, and we are happy to show you the result of that.”

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