PlayStation 5 will support PS4 hardware

PlayStation 5 will support PS4 hardware

Peripherals officially licensed for PlayStation 4 can be used on Sony’s new console as well.

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In a blog entry, Sony shared important information on hardware compatibility with PlayStation 5. Peripherals licensed for PS4, including racing wheels, can be used on the new console as well, the statement released on August 3 says. But there are also some exceptions.

The blog entry by Isabelle Tomatis, member of PlayStation’s VR & Peripherals Marketing and Licensing division, is a huge relief for PlayStation users. Those who plan to get Sony’s new console do not need to renew their entire hardware, the blog entry by Isabelle Tomatis states. “Specialty peripherals” officially licensed for PlayStation 4 such as racing wheels, arcade sticks, and flight sticks will work with PS5 games as well as supported PS4 games.


However, Tomatis’ statement also emphasizes that “not all PlayStation officially licensed or third-party peripherals/accessories may work on PS5”. She recommends checking with the manufacturer whether a product will work on PS5 and specific titles. We assume that this recommendation is especially important for owners of older hardware.

Aside from racing wheels, other hardware is a topic of the update as well:

  • The Platinum and Gold Wireless Headsets, as well as third-party headsets that connect via USB port or audio jack, will work on PS5 (the headset companion app is not compatible with PS5).
  • Both the PS Move Motion Controllers and the PlayStation VR Aim Controller will work with supported PS VR games on PS5.

Limited DualShock 4 support

Players who race with a gamepad might have to let go of their old hardware. PlayStation 5 games, including the upcoming Gran Turismo 7, will not support DualShock 4 and third-party controllers officially licensed for PS4. These will only work with supported PS4 games on the new console.


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