A 1980s era Porsche 911 with a bodykit in front of a few flying cars from Rocket League.
Image credit: Psyonix

Porsche 911 Added to Rocket League in Season 12

Even though Rocket League is far from a realistic driving game, car enthusiasts are still playing it eight years on. It comes as no surprise that Psyonix are adding licenced real life cars, the Porsche 911 being the latest.

Rocket League has been adding a lot of real life cars to the game as of recent. A few of them have been part of a season’s respective Rocket Pass, such as the Nissan Silvia, Volkswagen Golf GTI and Honda Civic Type-R.

Now, the newest season of Rocket League is upon us, and there’s a brand new real life car: The Porsche 911 Turbo, which would appear to be based on the 930 model.

Rocket League: Other Porsche Items

Season 12’s Rocket Pass features the regular Porsche 911 Turbo car body when you purchase the Premium Pass for 1,000 credits, but there is more content to keep Porsche and motoring enthusiasts playing the game.

There are some unique decals for the car, reaching Tier 16 unlocks a Porsche 75th Anniversary decal featuring the ‘Driven by Dreams’ tagline. Only two more tiers above that is a Porsche 911 player banner to display during a goal replay.

A menu in Rocket League showing items that can be unlocked for levelling up.
A more race ready looking 911 can be unlocked at Premium Tier 35. Image credit: Psyonix

But undoubtedly the item that will be most popular comes at Tier 35. Like the aforementioned Silvia, Golf and Civic, there is a special Rocket League Edition of the 911 Turbo. In this case, the car features a more aggressive body-kit.

In addition to this, many more items that may take your fancy. After buying the Premium Rocket Pass, you can of course pay to go to the tier with the item you want. However, we would recommend you do not. The current Rocket Pass is active until 5 December.

There are weekly and season challenges that can offer players XP and Level Up awards. Some are more difficult than others, but plenty unlock by meeting very simple criteria, such as completing ten matches while driving the Porsche 911 Turbo or a variety of other car bodies.

A collection of challenges in Rocket League.
Best way to tier up is by completing challenges. Image credit: Psyonix

What Else Is New?

Along with all the new items, there is a new version of a pre-existing map: Neo Tokyo’s new variant is called Hacked, and it has taken on something of an underground cyberpunk aesthetic.

Additionally, the return of the Haunted Hallows gamemode is expected next month, as it traditionally is in the game from mid-October to early-November. When the event is live, expect to be able to gain more XP from playing it than other gamemodes.

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