Project CARS 3: First info revealed!

Project CARS 3: First info revealed!

This is what the next sequel of the popular racing series is going to look like.

Photo credit: Project CARS Twitter

Developer Slightly Mad Studios announced their newest title of their Project CARS series and provided first insights. The game is going to be released this summer, but the developers revealed no specific date.

As the German news platform GamePro reported, they received additional information in an exclusive presentation upfront. Apparently, Slightly Mad Studios focuses on creating a game which is beginner friendly and not exclusively targeted to a core audience. However, PC3 will still have features for invested motorsports fans again.

Project CARS
Image source: Project CARS Twitter

New career mode with rewards and in-game credit

According to GamePro, Project CARS 3 will have a reworked career mode to give players a better sense of progression. You will no longer be able to choose any racing car class you want right from the beginning. Instead you unlock the more difficult classes in the course of the game. The developers also include XP rewards and in-game credits that are supposed to motivate players to slowly increase the difficulty level. Gamepro explains there will be a “Performance Index Rating” (PIR) with which you can upgrade the performance of your vehicles. In doing so, you can compete with your car in almost all classes.

A different multiplayer experience

Project CARS 3 will also come with new multiplayer modes, as GamePro and PCGamer explained. “Quick Play” now uses skill-based matchmaking to search for the most suitable opponents for you. There will be “Scheduled Events”, too, which are longer races taking place at a specific time of the day. They award in-game credits and XP as well.

For more competitive action, the game introduces the “Rivals” mode. There you can race against ghosts of previous players and beat their times. Several leaderboards will serve as ranking system and are separated into divisions based on skill. This feature replaces “Community Events” from Project CARS 2. The last game mode will be the classic “Custom Lobby” where you can adjust every part of the race the way you want, be it changing the weather or altering rules.

More features to come

There seem to be way more changes and new features waiting ahead. Both news sites talked about upcoming new tracks. So far the streets of Shanghai and Interlagos Circuit in Brazil have been confirmed. In addition, players will get control tweaks, more options for customization and camera effects. You can get a glimpse into the new Project CARS game in the trailer below.

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