Project Cars 3 trailer reveals career mode details

Project Cars 3 trailer reveals career mode details

The new trailer for Slightly Mad Studios’ game teases the campaign, customization and tuning options.

Photo credit: Slightly Mad Studios / PlayStation

A new trailer for Project Cars 3 dropped on August 3 on PlayStation’s official YouTube channel. Besides some wheel-to-wheel action and landscape shots, the video also presents the career mode as well as the customization and tuning options included in the game.

In the campaign of Slightly Mad Studios’ new game, you will be able to add cars of your choice to your garage at an expense of in-game currency. Several parts of the cars like differential, suspension or the engine can also be tuned to increase performance. By adding more and more upgrades, your car will develop from road car to hyper car level eventually.

Fuel Injection
Source: Slightly Mad Studios / PlayStation

As the trailer and some leaked information on the career mode suggest, you must race to earn more in-game currency as well as “vehicle experience” to upgrade your car and add new models to your garage.

Source: Slightly Mad Studios / PlayStation
Source: Slightly Mad Studios / PlayStation

To earn those, you have to take part in various competitions. However, not all of them will be available for you from the start. To unlock championships, you must race in themed events and fulfill special challenges.

create special outfits
Source: Slightly Mad Studios / PlayStation

To round out the customization options, you will also be able to create special outfits for your driver as well as liveries for your cars.


No further information on gameplay

Slightly Mad Studios received some backfire by the community for their new approach to the gameplay. The developer decided to remove simulation aspects like pit stops and fuel management.


Fans of the franchise thus criticize the studio for shifting the new game in an arcade direction. Although the new trailer shows some rendered scenes of in-game racing, no further information on the gameplay itself is given. The community remains divided about the new style of gameplay.

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