PS5 reveal: Big bang with Destruction Allstars

PS5 reveal: Big bang with Destruction Allstars

Next gen console comes with treats for racing fans

Photo credit: Sony

The official PlayStation 5 announcement stream was a great success. More than 11 million viewers watched the English stream on YouTube, millions more followed the event in other languages. The PS5 will come in two editions: with and without disk-drive. This brings the market one step closer to abandoning retail versions, shifting gaming further towards digital purchases.

PlayStation 5
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Not only did Sony reveal the final design of the next gen console, along with reveals of AAA-titles like Spider-Man Miles Morales or Horizon: Forbidden West. As a lot of fans have hoped and expected, a new Gran Turismo has been officially announced. Besides we got to see a very surprising title called “Destruction Stars” that might appeal to motorsport and arcade action fans alike.

If Overwatch did an destruction derby and rocket league was its car

Destruction Allstars comes as an over-the-top multiplayer game and is basically a destruction derby in the style of Wreckfest or Flatout. It will feature Rocket League-like turbos and stunts along with a hero system similar to Overwatch or League of Legends. In the game, you try to hunt down your opponents, while riding along walls and dodging different obstacles. Car features like foldable blades and frontshields are giving you the cutting edge. It is not quite clear yet, whether these are going to be character-based abilities or collectible power-ups.

Destruction Allstars
Image Source: Youtube/PlayStation

Full scale firework

Destruction Allstars’ presentation is very overdriven. The graphics are quite cartoonish, which might not appeal to everyone’s taste. But no one can deny that it looks great so far. The explosions and car damage are a blast to behold.

On top of that, the characters seem to be able to leave their car and hijack another one. Combined with crazy parcour manuevers, developer Lucid seems to have a very interesting gameplay formula in the making. It will be interesting to see, if the game can challenge Rocket Leagues standing in the scene and establish itself as another unconventional car-based esports.

Image Source: Youtube/PlayStation
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