RaceRoom Final 2023 Update Monza Alboreto
Image credit: KW Studios

RaceRoom: Final 2023 Update To Drop December 18


RaceRoom‘s final 2023 update is around the corner: The new tire model, DTM 2023 Pack and several trackside detail upgrades are coming on December 18.

While the new tire update had been announced already back in October, RaceRoom only unveiled the DTM 2023 Pack on December 8. The new content includes two new cars in the Ferrari 296 GT3 and the Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo II, plus 2023 DTM liveries for the BMW M4 GT3, the Porsche 911 GT3 (992) and the Mercedes-AMG GT3.

It will not bring the full DTM grid to the sim, however. Lamborghini, who finished second in both the manufacturers and drivers championship behind Porsche, are missing. No other models of the Italian manufacturer are in RaceRoom. The pack will cost €14.99 and will be the only way to grab the new Ferrari for now. It will be added to the GTR 3 class later on, however.

Image credit: KW Studios

RaceRoom Final 2023 Update: New Tire Model

The most interesting feature of the final RaceRoom update in 2023 for most is arguably the new tire model. Promising a substantial transformation, it will be rolled out to all cars. Previously, it looked like like mostly only GT3 cars such as the new DTM vehicles would enjoy this benefit at first.

At the same time, physics exploits should be tackled with the new tire model as well. It is based on real data, aiming to make the cars more true-to-life and responsive. For a deep-dive into physics development, be sure to check out our interview with RaceRoom dev Alex Hodgkinson!

Image credit: KW Studios

Updated Trackside Details

Perhaps a less exciting but still refreshing part of the update are new trackside details. With some RaceRoom tracks already having a few years under their belt, KW Studios felt the need to update the surroundings somewhat. The only circuit shown to receive such treatment thus far is Monza, as is evident in this article’s header image.

The extent of changes is also not known yet. Maybe sim racers can look forward to a version of Spa-Francorchamps as it looks like after its extensive renovations starting in 2021.

More details of the update, as well as the full changelog, should become available closer to its release date. RaceRoom will go into maintenance mode for the update’s deployment on December 18.

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