Mazda RT24-P in new Raceroom On The Edge pack

Raceroom On The Edge Pack Out Now


On The Edge, the latest pack for Raceroom Racing Experience releases today with a great selection of prototype and GT cars.

Image Credit: KW Studios

Raceroom Racing Experience is an often overlooked simracing title due to its age and graphics. But, with an immense content list and an affordable monetisation model, it deserves a lot more love.

That love is no less deserved when it comes to the game’s latest expansion pack. Adding a trio of exciting cars, the On The Edge pack is offers a lot for motorsport fans. Unfortunately, this extension to the game does not feature any tracks. However, it makes up for it with three fan-favourite race cars.

Raceroom On The Edge Car Pack

The On The Edge pack for Raceroom Racing Experience brings three cars that race fans around the world will recognise.

Available to see trackside at near-enough every GT racing event and now in Raceroom is the McLaren 570S GT4. An outgoing car this year thanks to the introduction of the Artura GT4, the 570S has had plenty of success in various GT4 championships. It joins the likes of the Porsche Cayman and BMW M4 in the class. With all three of these cars no longer eligible for real-world competition, it’s nice to see them represented in simracing. This is a place where fans can enjoy older models.

Alongside the McLaren in the list cars joining Raceroom but no longer in competition in the real world is the Mazda RT24-P. This oddity of a DPI car ran in IMSA between 2017 and 2020, challenging the more traditional Cadillac and Acura. It features a shockingly small four-cylinder engine which not only produces a brilliant sound at high revs. It also uses little to no fuel, the perfect cocktail for an endurance racer.

Rounding out the On The Edge pack is the KTM X-Box GT2. This racer is very much in the infancy of its real-world life having recently joined the GT2 ranks. Yes, whilst ACC is getting a GT2 pack in 2023, R3E already has three models from the class. A powerful model with low downforce and noticeable weight, this car is seemingly a throwback to the old days of GT1 racing. It will be interesting to see if this simpler approach to racecar design is captured in Raceroom.

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