RaceRoom Releases Significant Year End Update

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RaceRoom's year end update has been released to Steam, and includes performance improvements and preparation for forthcoming content and events.

Following suit with most other racing sims, RaceRoom Racing Experience has received a significant year end update.

The focus for Sector 3 this time seems to be setting up for a successful 2022. The summary posted with the Steam update notes cited "performance improvements, and preparations for upcoming releases and events!"

Little has been mentioned as far as what these future events and future content may include, but RaceRoom is currently allowing players to try out one piece of new content: the McLaren 720S GT3. An eSports series hosted in RaceRoom gives players a choice of five DTM cars to set a time with, including the 720S.

The changelog is listed below. Let us know in the comments which changes you're looking forward to trying, or any content you're hoping gets added to this sim soon.

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  • Prepared for upcoming content releases and competitions
  • New CEF version with hardware acceleration. To enable hardware acceleration of web menus, the game can be started with -cefEnableGPU (however, depending on GPU and driver, the performance can be disappointing, sometimes even worse)
  • Web overlays performance - If resolution is higher than 1080, the in-game browser is restrained to 1080. Web textures are scaled up to fit the screen. Optimized browser textures to be between 20% and 50% faster.
  • Allowed access to display settings also while in VR (except true fullscreen mode)
  • Made VR restart with new resolution if altered in menus
  • Added a setting to define the maximum resolution of web UI elements
  • Improvements to AI controlled rolling starts to further reduce potential gaps between cars
  • Improved audio for drivetrain oscillations - this update deploys the changes to most popular cars. The same improvement to the rest of our cars will be deployed in future updates.
  • Fixed Free Camera losing ability to zoom in/out when enabled while inside the cockpit.
  • Fixed camera not always resetting the camera state when disabled
  • Removed ability to switch to other cars via numpad + and numpad -
  • Fixed AI thinking they were running out of battery when driving electric engines
  • Fixed position bar setting not being applied properly
  • Fixed a case where AI could get a valid laptime without doing any lap on Tourist layout of the Nuerburgring
  • Fixed AI selecting the wrong engine power map when switching race sessions

  • Audi TT cup - Reduced to 2 spark emitters between front wheels and 2 more between the rear wheels. (side skirts and sills were wrongly emitting sparks before)
  • Audi TT RS VLN - Reduced to 2 spark emitters between front wheels and 2 more between the rear wheels. (side skirts and sills were wrongly emitting sparks before)
  • BMW M235i - Reviewed and updated spark emitters
  • DTM 1992 - Improved AI at low speed and fine tuning of their braking for BMW and Mercedes
  • DTM 2003 - Added spark emitters
  • DTM 2005 - Added spark emitters
  • DTM 13-16 - Fixed front axis breaking at highest steerlock angles
  • Formula RaceRoom 2 - Reworked the base setup to be a bit less edgy, Reviewed and updated spark emitters
  • Formula RaceRoom 3 - Allowed 3 more degrees of steerlock to go around Macau’s hairpin, Reviewed and updated spark emitters
  • Tatuus F4 - Allowed 3 more degrees of steerlock to go around Macau’s hairpin. Moved to a single central spark skid block/spark emitter
  • Formula RaceRoom 90 - Fixed caster that was giving 0.1 degree too much by default. Tweaks to AI in slower turns, Reviewed and updated spark emitters
  • Formula RaceRoom U.S. - disallowed mixed tyre compounds, tweaked friction and wear rates to give slightly bigger differences between compounds. Improved automatic gearbox/AI gearbox behaviour. Tweaks to AI in slow corners. Reviewed and updated spark emitters
  • Formula RaceRoom X-17 - disallowed mixed tyre compounds
  • Group C - AI improvements, ironed out some issues with braking and locking brakes
  • GT3 - Reconfigured spark emitters so that rocker panels and side sills no longer generate sparks. All cars now have spark emitters between the front wheels and between the rear wheels. Some cars have spark emitters at side exhausts.
  • GT4 - Spark emitters between the front wheels and between the rear wheels
  • Improved automatic gearbox/AI gearbox behaviour so car remains in higher gears in slow turns for: TCR, Group C, Group 4, Touring Classics, DTM 92, GT3, GT4, Hillclimb, DTM 2020, Carrera Cup, DTM 1995, Formula RaceRoom X-17, Formula RaceRoom 90, BMW M235i, Aquila, TT cup, TT RS VLN, 911 GT3 Cup, Silhouettes, Group 5, GT2
  • IMSA GTO Classics - Complete physics overhaul
  • Porsche 911 RSR GTE - Fixed undertray feelers and added spark emitters between the axles.
  • Touring Classics - Fixed a bad spark emitter on the Volvo 240
  • WTCC TC1 - BOP adjustments to close up differences in aero and power to weight ratios across all cars. Increased drag for the Citroen. Equalised fuel use and updated fuel estimates for all cars.
  • Brands Hatch - Tweaks to AI cornering
  • Daytona - Moved the rolling start spawn locators back a bit. Moved some waypoints to reduce AI sway during rolling starts.
  • Dubai - Tweaks to AI cornering
  • Hockenheimring - Moved the time attack spawn location to a part where the track is straighter
  • Hungaroring - Tweaks to AI cornering. Fixed wrong lighting of the cars when real time reflections were disabled.
  • Imola - Track updates to 2021, added the Ayrton Senna wall painting, updated curbs and runoffs. AI improvements.
  • Indianapolis - Reviewed cut detections
  • Lausitzring - Fixed AI wobbling at the start/finish line
  • Monza - Tweaks to AI cornering at Ascari and Lesmo 2 where they were seen running wide and having trouble
  • Norisring - Tweaks to AI cornering in first and last turns
  • Nuerburgring Muellenbach - TV camera and pit sounds
  • Nuerburgring - Moved the time attack spawn locators to a part where the track is straighter. Tweaks to AI to sort their tendency to mix the apex at turn 4.
  • Nuerburgring Spring Chicane - Moved some waypoints to reduce AI sway during rolling starts
  • RedBull Ring - Tweaks to fuel estimates
  • Road America - Fixed a cut detection that was a bit too harsh on the outside.
  • Suzuka - Tweaks to AI cornering
  • Zandvoort - Tweaks to AI cornering in slow turns
  • Zhuhai - Reworked the AI lines and fuel use values. Tweaked the position of the time attack spawn
  • Zolder - Tweaks to AI cornering
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Certainly a huge update. Coming back to RR3 after some time, overall not bad at all. Graphics being DX9 aren't quite up to standard of other sims, but again, not bad. I quite enjoyed my "return". So, thank you Sector 3.
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I know that I am in the minority, but I really have always enjoyed this title. I appreciate the variety of vehicles and locations. Updates continue to improve what I believe has always been a time worthy experience.
Raceroom is probably the most underrated sim on the market right now.

AFAIC there isn't much not to like about it.
  • Mutiplayer almost as well organised as iRacing but without subscription
  • Good physics
  • Decent AI
  • Huge variety of cars and tracks
  • At least okay graphics (I'd even say good, but others wouldn't agree)
  • Decently priced content
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Hope 570S still on the way for this game as they got 720S GT3 now.

looks like a pretty good patch. Files also show that new Audi TCR and Hyundai TCR is in too.
720s GT3? Are your sure your talking about Race Room Experience? The Latest McLaren I have in game is the 650. Or have I missed something?
I just got a reason to drag the wheel stand back out. The doctor says I shouldn't lift anything over 10lbs, but he didn't say anything about walking something that weighs 30lbs across the room. :devilish: I got to try the Tatuus and the FR3 at Macau... For reasons.
Once again its very good for R3E which continues to improve. But it's very linear every year. It's only Touring / GT3. The other categories are too old or with only one car. Then not even having a day night cycle in 2021 isnt good sorry. The multiplayer remains pleasant but not in the long term like iracing. I would also say the removal of the experience DTMs is stupid because the solo is quite empty without challenges or career mode. Unfortunately there are a lot better on the market. I'll go for 1/2 run but I'm pretty sure I won't stay
  • Removed ability to switch to other cars via numpad + and numpad -
I noticed the change today before seeing this changelog. I am deeply disappointed. :(

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