RaceRoom New Tyre Model 2023
Image credit: KW Studios

RaceRoom To Introduce New Tyre Model in Q4 2023?


KW Studios is looking to revitalise RaceRoom. A new tyre model should see the sim head into 2024 with positive momentum.

RaceRoom‘s tyre model has been the sim’s sticking point for many years, despite a generally good physics model. The lack of complex detail of the tyre gripping the tarmac was always a criticism from many sim racers. However, the future is looking bright.

A reworked tyre model alongside more accurate Force Feedback sliders for less complex wheelbases is incoming for RaceRoom. The addition of the Circuit de Pau-Ville Grand Prix track alongside a Touring Car DLC pack is also due for release very soon for RaceRoom.

RaceRoom’s New Tyre Model

During the 2023 SimRacing Expo in Germany, RaceRoom‘s new tyre model was on offer for testing. Our friend GamerMuscle was lucky enough to try out the new physics and chat with RaceRoom’s physics programmer Thomas Jansen. Check out his video below.

At the beginning of the test, the tyres were being masked by incorrect settings and once that was altered, the new physics really shone through.

A comprehensive overhaul using real-world tyre data will come to RaceRoom. Previous aspects of the tyre behaviour had been mathematically estimated. This created an inconsistent and vague experience for the driver a lot of the time. Now, the accuracy of real-world tyre data should be a total game-changer for RaceRoom.

No exact date for the release of the tyre model has been given yet. Could it be added to RaceRoom before the end of 2023? Time will tell.

New Content

Back in May, OverTake released an article detailing the schedule for RaceRoom updates. The next update in the games calendar is the tyre model rework and the addition of the Circuit de Pau-Ville Grand Prix track. This will be the first time the track will have featured in a racing game title since Race07.

Circuit de Pau-Ville Grand Prix comes to RaceRoom in Q4. Image credit: KW Studios

ETCR raced at Pau this year with great success. It is more than likely that KW Studios would want to capitalise on their partnership with the TCR series to bring the cars to the touring car heaven of RaceRoom. The Touring Car Pack and the track should release in October, according to RaceRoom‘s road map. As a result, sim racers should keep their eyes peeled in the upcoming days.

Are you looking forward to the RaceRoom update? Maybe you will be trying the sim out for the first time? Let us know how you get on on Twitter @Overtake_gg or in the comments below!

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