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RaceRoom: Tyre Model Update, More Interface Upgrades Planned


While its new tyre model will come in an update in December, other planned RaceRoom content faces delays. Technical difficulties have put further releases on hold.

A new RaceRoom update is on the horizon, with a new tyre model will be available. This will bring substantial changes to the force feedback, handling and braking of most cars.

All of that and more can be seen in developers KW in their latest development notes, including the roadmap for future content updates.

RaceRoom V5 Tyre Model Update

KW collaborated with real world drivers and engineers when creating the new tyre model. They even got the expertise of the engineers working for Falken Tyre to create as authentic an experience as possible for the player.

RaceRoom specialists turned real world racers Moritz Löhner and Tim Heinemann have given their feedback. Löhner saying the cars now behave less floaty and more indicative of what they would do in the real world.

KW state that there will be no need to change driving style for RaceRoom when taking corners. Braking techniques however may be set to change drastically. Whereas before, the player would not have to modulate braking power that much, with this update it may be beneficial to revert your brake settings to default.

It may be a case of having to relearn your braking habits on RaceRoom to account for the new level of finesse required to enter corners.

RaceRoom Roadmap

KW Studios are a relatively small team and subsequently, this means any updates made could be few and far between. With this tyre model update, any new content may have to be second on the list of priorities.

There are a few backend issues that are looking to be rectified, leading to delays. New content that should have been released in 2023 according to the roadmap has been put on hold as a result. This includes October’s Circuit de Pau-Ville and Touring Car Pack, as well as a yet-to-be-specified Christmas special.

Affected releases will be rescheduled, although no specific dates are available yet. RaceRoom will announce them as soon as they are able to, according to the dev notes. To learn more about the background of the delays and the tyre model, read the entire newsletter by the RaceRoom team here.

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