Racing Club Schedule: July 21st - 28th

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A new week means a new set of events in our Racing Club. Here's what's on tap from July 21st to 28th for our Premium Members.

As always, the Racing Club has a wide range of events available, both for the enthusiast of modern and classic machinery, as well as outside the dedicated racing circuits via our Rally Club. The latter heads to Rally New Zealand which is putting up a façade of Rally Latvia until EA adds the Eastern European location to the game...

As for circuit-based events, Premium Members can choose between open-wheelers, vintage prototypes, the mighty LADA, and even N-GT machines that tend to not get as much attention as they might deserve.

Jul. 19 - 21ends 23:59 UTCEA Sports WRCWRC Rally New Latvia - WRC 1 @ New Zealand
Jul. 2119:00 UTCAssetto CorsaN-GT @ Mugello
Jul. 2318:00 UTCAssetto CorsaBerta Tornado SP @ Croft
Jul. 2418:00 UTCAssetto CorsaFWD vs. RWD @ Interlagos
Jul. 2519:00 UTCAssetto CorsaQ3 F3 Championship - Round 2 @ Belgium GP, Spa
Jul. 2519:00 UTCrFactor 2LADA VFTS @ Tsukuba

What is the Racing Club?​

As we recently merged our websites, the OverTake community that had not been around on RaceDepartment before, we felt it might be useful to explain what the Racing Club actually is. Simply put, it is just what the name implies - a club to go racing in.

There is a bit more to it though, of course. The Racing Club hosts events throughout the week in the following simulations:
  • Assetto Corsa
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione
  • Automobilista 2
  • EA Sports WRC
  • RaceRoom (currently inactive)
  • rFactor 2

Racing Club events are open to Premium Members only. However, there are occasional 'Rookie Weeks' or non-Premium Member events to allow everyone to try the Club. To keep track of what events are happening during the week, keep an eye on this post, which will be updated weekly.

Just Good, Clean Racing​

If you are hesitant about online racing, the Racing Club is nothing to be afraid of. The contrary, actually: It is not about competitive racing and who wins in the end, but rather about having a good time on track - with good, clean racing. This is the core element of the Racing Club.

Do not be afraid to ask for help if you need it, either! The Club regulars are a helpful bunch, so even online newcomers should feel comfortable in no time and even learn a thing or two.

There are Racing Club rules, of course. They include certain on-track behaviour that is expected of participants, like how to handle incidents and racing around other cars. You can find the full Racing Club rules list here.


The Racing Club often features interesting combinations, like a multiclass race with Clios facing Ginettas. Image: @Interslice

How To Sign Up​

Getting up and running for Club races is easy. As a Premium Member, simply head to the Racing Club forum, find the thread of the event you want to participate in and state your intent to be on the grid. The Club staff member who organizes the event will add you to the list of drivers then. Note that you will need to have your real name added to your user profile to race, as part of the Club rules. Your username does not need to be changed, though.

Come race time, you will receive the server password. Simply show up, join the party on the OverTake Discord server and go racing - have fun, and see you on track!

Which Racing Club events are you looking to enter this week? Let us know on Twitter @OverTake_gg or in the comments below!
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