Rain in iRacing Delayed March 2024
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Rain In iRacing Delayed Until At Least March 2024


Recent speculations unexpectedly got thwarted, as rain in iRacing is delayed. This is according to Executive Producer Greg Hill, who took to the official forums for an update.

The November Dev Update claimed that the implementation of wet weather racing in iRacing was imminent. Indeed, the development process is in an advanced state, but it will not see rain come to the sim with next week’s Season 1 2024 update.

Called ‘Tempest’, the new weather system “is a collection of systems that have their hooks deeply integrated into every area of our codebase, and incorporating all of this into our live service environment requires great care and significant testing“, states Hill. It would seem that as with every feature and content piece, the developers want to avoid releasing it until all problems have been ironed out.

Rain in iRacing Delayed March 2024
Tempest is going to add in-depth weather simulation to iRacing – but not in 2023. Image credit: iRacing.com

Rain In iRacing Delayed: No Daytona Surprise

Of course, this takes time. Rain in iRacing is delayed as a result. “We are going to really push for a release along with the March build”, says Hill. iRacing also rules out the suggestion of a silent release in time for the 24 Hours of Daytona in January. Hill: “While it might be ‘fun’ to spring it on you unannounced and at 3 am during the Daytona 24, we will spare you from that surprise 😉“.

Meanwhile, Hill also hinted at some of the features in the upcoming Season 1 2024 build. Refined off-track physics, the first part of the oval refresh and the implementation of the New Damage Model on 18 cars are coming, among other things. New content is also expected.

You can find Hill’s full forum post here.

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