Rallycross coming to Automobilista 2 alongside Update 1.5
Image credit: Reiza Studios

Rallycross, Le Mans Coming to Automobilista 2

In its latest development update, Reiza has given further insight into the upcoming 1.5 update. Additionally, Le Mans is on its way to Automobilista 2.

Since Automobilista 2‘s release, Reiza has adopted the habit of keeping fans up to speed with the game’s development via blog posts. Each month, the game developers provide detailed insight into how far along AMS 2 is, and what new content or features are on the horizon.

This month’s development update is certainly significant. In fact, the post is so big that Reiza has broken it down into two community communications. The second one will reportedly release closer to Update 1.5.

This first series of announcements details plenty of improvements coming in the major 1.5 update for AMS 2 in a few weeks’ time. An announcement for the DLC pack coming alongside the update also features.

Finally, certain rumours surrounding the sim has been confirmed. It seems Le Mans is officially inbound for Automobilista 2. Here’s all you need to know about future AMS 2 plans.

Off-road racing coming to AMS 2
Off-road racing coming to AMS 2. Image credit: Reiza Studios

AMS 2 Update 1.5 Details

In a recent update to the game, version 1.4.8, several car classes in Automobilista 2 received hefty physics improvements. Among those classes was a plentiful list of open wheelers. Last week, we gave the new handling model a go and were positively impressed. Many irritating aspects of the AMS 2 physics seem to be gone after the update which leaves us optimistic for version 1.5.

In fact, these changes will find their way to every car in the game for the upcoming major refresh. So, say goodbye to unnatural slides and a lack of feeling. Say hello to a true simulator in every sense of the term.

Whilst physics updates are exciting, there’s nothing better than free content. Update 1.5 will please many a sim racer as it will bring two new models to Automobilista 2 for free. The Sigma P1 G5 was planned to release in the last update (1.4.8). But the team held off as its arch nemesis, the Metalmoro AJR also got an update this year in the real world. As a result, both P1 cars will join the sim at the same time in the next few weeks.

Safety Cars on formation laps and FCY periods in Automobilista 2 will be visible
Safety Cars on formation laps and FCY periods in Automobilista 2 will be visible. Image credit: Reiza Studios

Elsewhere, a number of additional features will reportedly join the game in update 1.5. A major improvement to smaller tracks is that players will now be able to alter grid sizes. Regardless of garage spots, 32-car grids should be possible even at small venues like Cadwell Park. This is done by adding temporary slots throughout the circuit.

In an increasing push AI will get several improvements in the next AMS 2 udpate, as will multiplayer functionality. Finally, immersion-enhancing tweaks such as a visible Safety Car, diverse pit crews and a transparent halo on Formula cars will feature in version 1.5.

Adrenaline Pack Brings Rallycross

If the update itself wasn’t enough, the next few weeks will see a new DLC pack hit Automobilista 2. Whilst every piece of content currently in the game focuses on circuit racing, the Adrenaline Pack finally sees the title leave the tarmac. Yes, AMS 2 is hitting the dirt with a DLC pack focusing on the art of Rallycross and off-road racing.

Although it may seem like a huge departure from the title’s current content selection, it isn’t much of a stretch for Reiza in reality. Back in the days of the first Automobilista title, off-road racing was perhaps one of the most fun elements in the game. A rallycross Mitsubishi Lancer and several dirt tracks made for some intense racing action.

Adrenaline Pack DLC is coming alongside update 1.5
Adrenaline Pack DLC is coming alongside update 1.5. Image credit: Reiza Studios

That same Evo rally car will join the title, much like other cars that have transferred from the old game to AMS 2. We know a VW Polo will join it in the RX world. But two more Rallycross cars will also feature in the pack. Elsewhere, an off-road racing kart also makes an appearance.

Just like the Mitsubishi, all off-road tracks from AMS 1 such as Foz and Tykki will feature in the pack. They will sit alongside international venues like Barcelona, Hockenheim and Spa. Those that own the Adrenaline Pack will gain access to these circuits’ off-road courses. Obviously, the tarmac circuits still require each of their respective DLC packs.

Thanks to the sport’s inclusion in Project CARS 2, the building blocks for Rallycross are already present in the Madness Engine. As a result, Reiza has had a relatively easy time implementing it into AMS 2. Joker laps, deformable terrain and surface changes will all feature when the pack releases in a few weeks’ time.

Le Mans Finally Inbound to AMS 2

The Rallycross-focused pack wasn’t anywhere near anyone’s radar for Automobilista 2. But something everyone did expect was Le Mans. In fact, fans were thoroughly disappointed to see Barcelona feature as the final circuit in the Legendary Tracks pack. The assumption was that it would be the fabled French endurance venue.

Those fans now have their wish, as the legendary temporary race track will join AMS 2 later this year. This won’t just include the current layout of the track. Reiza is looking to use its time travelling magic and provide players with different eras of the circuit. Fitting in with the current cars in AMS 2, 1970’s and 1990’s editions of the La Sarthe track will also join Automobilista 2 next year.

Group C will finally get to race at Le Mans in Automobilista 2 later this year
Group C will finally get to race at Le Mans in Automobilista 2 later this year. Image credit: Reiza Studios

To compliment the push for the greatest Le Mans experience in sim racing, Automobilista 2 will continue to add GT cars and Prototypes from the race throughout the next year. These will be both historical and modern with the current Hypercar class and new GT3 cars mentioned as goals for the team.

Vast handling updates are coming this month and the iconic Le Mans circuit joining Automobilista 2 later this year. Endurance fans will be having a field day. Can AMS 2 outdo the upcoming Le Mans Ultimate? Only time will tell.

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