Can you beat a real F1 driver on Gran Turismo?

Can you beat a real F1 driver on Gran Turismo?

After Gran Turismo Sport players were given the task of beating Red Bull’s drivers at Suzuka last year, they will now have to beat a certain Japanese AlphaTauri driver.

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This upcoming race weekend is the Turkish Grand Prix, in which Red Bull will run a special one-off white Honda tribute livery to celebrate their successful partnership with the Japanese car brand. Honda are discontinuing their involvement in F1, and unfortunately they won’t get to see another race at Suzuka since the Japanese Grand Prix has been called off for the second consecutive year.

A Unique Challenge

To make up for the lack of the event in 2020, Red Bull and Honda in partnership with Gran Turismo ran a time trial event on the game where their F1 drivers Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon as well as then-F2 racer Yuki Tsunoda to set lap times around the Suzuka circuit.

Max Verstappen Suzuka circuit
Lucky for you, you won’t have to beat Max Verstappen this year! Image credit: Red Bull

Players were tasked with lapping a Super Formula car around Suzuka faster than the times set by the three drivers. So now with the Japanese Grand Prix cancelled once again, the event is back and it will run until 24 October. Players will now go up against a time set by now-Alphatauri F1 driver Yuki Tusnoda in a Honda NSX Gr.3 car.

To compete, you will need to navigate over to the Sports Mode tab on your copy of Gran Turismo Sport, click Time Trial and Red Bull Beat The Pro will be right there. It would seem there isn’t any huge incentive or prize to do it other than getting the best time possible for mere bragging rights, so if you believe it to be worth your time, then by all means give it a go!

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