Reiza announces a modern Indycar for AMS 2.
Image credit: Reiza Studios

Reiza Announces Indycar and Barcelona for AMS 2

In the latest of its monthly developer updates, Reiza announced yesterday that both a modern Indycar and the Barcelona circuit are coming to AMS 2. A physics overhaul will also feature in update 1.5.


No more than a few days after releasing its largest project to date – the classic Nurburgring – Reiza is already hard at work on the next update to Automobilista 2. Yesterday, the Brazilian game developer posted a developer update to its forum mentioning upcoming content and improvements to the sim.

Reiza is looking to further pad out the game prior to release of its supposedly revolutionary career mode. The forthcoming releases appear to do just that. Here’s all you need to know about content and game updates coming to AMS 2.

Physics in Automobilista 2 Update 1.5

Currently at version 1.4.7, Automobilista 2 is soon set for an upgrade to update 1.5. According to Reiza’s developer update, this will include sizeable physics improvements to further iron out issues many players have with the game.

It’s no secret that the simulator’s handling characteristics vary greatly in quality. Whilst some cars are often lauded for their accuracy, other vehicles in the sim seem to be hated by the community. Hopefully with an overall rethink of the tyre model, the standard of feel should more consistent across the board.

Brazilian Stock Cars 2023
2023 Brazilian Stock Cars joined AMS 2 in the last update and plenty more is to come in update 1.5. Image credit: Reiza Studios

In the blog post, the developers mention that the Madness engine currently has a variety of issues when it comes to tyres. The team made this discovery fairly recently and so they are only just finding solutions to the issue. However, in version 1.5, the problem should no longer exist.

In fact, the cars will supposedly feel more connected to the road. Tyre carcass flex, suspension geometry calculations and aerodynamics will all get an overhaul. Fans can expect all cars to drive similarly to the recently released Formula Inter. The latest model to release, this car already has several improvements set for implementation in update 1.5 for Automobilista 2.

AMS 2 Heads to Barcelona

Whilst physics updates are exciting, the truly big news is that the Barcelona Grand Prix circuit is coming to AMS 2. The home of the Spanish Grand Prix will feature as the sixth Premium Track. The list currently includes Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps, the Nurburgring, Hockenheim and Monza. Each of which feature layouts from various eras in motorsport.

The faster Turn 10 will feature in Automobilista 2
The faster Turn 10 will feature in Automobilista 2. But will the older variant be included? Image credit: Reiza Studios

Whilst available as part of the larger DLC pack, Barcelona will obviously also be available to purchase in its own right. However, owners of the Season Pass will get it for free.

Currently, screenshots of the venue only show off the current GP layout. This features the faster Turn 10 and new-for-2023 bypass of the chicane. Whether or not this track also gets historic versions to it is, as yet, unknown. However, having opened in 1991, the team has less history to go through than the likes of Spa or Silverstone.

According to the post, Barcelona will cost around €6 and is scheduled to release at the end of this month.

Plenty of Cars Incoming

The bulk of Reiza’s letter focused on cars. We already saw the 2023 Brazilian Stock Cars get a surprise release alongside the classic Nürburgring. But several more are on their way.

Oval specification for the Formula USA 2023
Oval specification for the Formula USA 2023. Image credit: Reiza Studios

The most exciting four-wheel release coming to AMS 2 has to be a take on the modern Indycar which headlines the post alongside Barcelona. After countless discussions surrounding a potential license with the championship, the developers are resorting to making a mock version of the Dallara IR-18.

In order to skirt around the strict licensing issues concerning Indycar and its official game, the upcoming Formula USA 2023 is a unique design. It is certainly much bulkier than the real model. It features a very square nose cone and almost futuristic aero screen. But for all intents and purposes, it’s an Indycar.

It will come with road, short oval and speedway variants, much like the classic cars. Reiza doesn’t set a date for the Formula USA 2023’s release. But it seems plenty is on its way to the game in May, so a release this month is plausible. Whenever it does release, it will feature in the Racin´ USA Pt3 pack.

Formula Junior is coming to Automobilista 2
Formula Junior is coming to Automobilista 2. Image credit: Reiza Studios

Elsewhere, a pair of base-game cars will also join the fray this month. First up is the Sigma P1 G5. This Brazilian P1 car does battle in the real-world Brazilian Endurance Championship and is sure to provide more competition in the top class of AMS 2‘s representation of the series.

Throwing back to the olden days, fans of the title may realise that few cars actually suit the technical Sudschleife layout released last week. As a result, Reiza is working on a Formula Junior single seater. Those that enjoy visiting classic racing events will recognise this as the go-to vintage open wheeler class. With low power and low weight, it is built for the Sudschleife’s turns.

More to Come?

The headlining additions of Barcelona and current Indycar to AMS 2 are enticing. But it’s a comment to the blog post that truly excites the community. At the end of the post, forum user AlexBfromG mentions the addition of Barcelona as the sixth Premium track. He goes on to say “Now we can all put Le Mans fantasies to rest.”

The Sigma P1 is a Brazilian prototype for the National endurance series
The Sigma P1 is a Brazilian prototype for the National endurance series. Image credit: Reiza Studios

In fact, many AMS 2 fans hoped the Circuit de la Sarthe, home to the 24 Hours of Le Mans would be this sixth venue. But Reiza’s administrator, Renato Simioni was quick to respond. Replying, “Can you really,” implying that the Le Mans circuit may not be out of the question for AMS 2.

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