This Brand New Racing Sim is coming in 2022!

This Brand New Racing Sim is coming in 2022!

An all new, next generation simulation focused racing title for PC is dropping this year. It’s name is Rennsport, and this is everything we know about it so far.Photo credit: Competition Company

It has been quite a long time now since we’ve seen an all-new racing title which aims to be a totally accurate simulation of real life cars and driving. However, the drought might be over as soon as this summer – sort of. Coming out of nowhere was an announcement we found on LinkedIn of all places about a new upcoming simracing game: Rennsport. But what kind of game will it be, when will it come out, and what else do we know about it so far?

Rennsport: Esports Focused, ‘Digital Ownership’ and More

First and foremost, let’s cover the basics. The developers behind this new game are a Munich-based start-up with the minimalist name ‘Compeition Company’. They have been developing Rennsport for two years, with the game’s foundation having been laid back in 2020. The website for the game is live, and anybody can access it and find out more about the title.

For example, if one were to head over to the site, they would discover the apparent slogan of Rennsport, which is “Digital Gasoline. Real Adrenaline.” Behind this text hides a trailer for the game which heavily features the Porsche 911 GT3R, perhaps indicating that this will be something of a ‘cover car’ for the new title. Also included are images of the BMW M4 GT3. Both of the cars are rendered in the game’s engine – which is to say: Unreal Engine 5.

Also mentioned on the website is the release date for both the closed and open betas for the game. The closed beta is set to release in the Summer of 2022, with the open beta launch in Spring 2023. Furthermore, there is a mysterious section entitled ‘Real Digital Ownership’. In an age of NFTs, its possible that this is what this section is referring to. However, any interpretations of what the term means are just speculation for the time being.

To find out what else we know about this exciting new game, take a look at our latest video now!

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