Rest in peace William Marsh

Rest in peace William Marsh

With the untimely passing of William Marsh, sim racing loses a passionate ambassador and invaluable content creator. Our hearts and minds go out to William’s family and friends.

Photo credit: William Marsh / @RaceDepartment

With a heavy heart, we received the news that sim racing ambassador William Marsh passed away at the end of March this year. With his work for the news platform Inside Sim Racing and his tireless efforts as founder of the YouTube channel Sim Racing Paddock, William was an invaluable asset to the virtual racing community whose legacy will not be forgotten.

As one of William’s closest friends, sim racing YouTuber Boosted Media shared his thoughts as well as William’s family’s announcement in a video. William’s sister, Elizabeth Pimentel also added in a comment below the video:

His birthday is April 2nd so that’s why we felt it was important to share the news before his birthday. We just couldn’t bring ourselves to do it any sooner. Thank you all for your love for my brother. Words cannot express how grateful we are to you for providing such love and support to him over the years. This truly was his passion and you all are a huge part of that. Thank you, everybody.

William Marsh will be greatly missed as a member of the sim racing community and as the person he was. Our condolences go out to all of his loved ones. Rest in peace, William.

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