Retro Racer New Star GP Releases March
Images: New Star Games

Retro Racer New Star GP Releases March

Following a period of Early Access on PC, version 1.0 of New Star GP now has a March 2024 release date.

Nostalgia is a powerful tool, and looking like a modern interpretation of Virtua Racing, New Star GP had us intrigued to learn more following its 2023 unveiling.

Now, following an Early Access release on PC in August, the final version has a release window: March 2024.

When version 1.0 lands on PC, it is also set to make its way to consoles too. It will also be released on PlayStation, Switch and Xbox.

Looking, initially, like an amalgam of the Ayrton Senna Horizon Chase DLC and Formula Retro Racing – World Tour, the low-poly design and single-seater cars hide deeper gameplay mechanics than perhaps first meet the eyes.

There’s a single-player career mode that involves vehicle upgrades and strategy management – rivalries, boost, damage, tyre wear, fuel and interactive pitstops are all available.

New Star GP split screen

Events are broken down into decades. You start with a group of events in the 1980s, with the wide formula-style cars of that era. Should you succeed, you then unlock the 1990s, and so on.

The cars and circuits are inspired by the real world but remain unlicenced. Outside of traditional race structures, there are also features such as elimination mode, one-on-one rival races and classic arcade time-based checkpoint blasts.

From launch, there will be… deep breath… 45 unique drivers, 176 events, 86 perks, 17 track locations, 60 crash helmets (and other customisation items), and 15 body designs that each can be upgraded in eight different ways. That is a lot of numbers, and seemingly a proliferation of options.

New Star GP Pitstop

If that wasn’t enough, outside of the main campaign, the game supports local split-screen for up to four players.

Developed by New Star Games, we’ll hopefully circle back to the game when the final release date and price have been locked in.

Did you purchase New Star GP in Early Access, or try the Xbox demo? Let us know in the comments below or on X, @OverTake_gg.