Rev to Vertex - Hong Kong Driving Sim Looks For New Track Feedback
Image: Rev to Vertex

Rev to Vertex: Hong Kong Driving Sim Looks For New Track Feedback 

The mountain-pass driving simulator, currently within Steam Early Access, will be adding Bride’s Pool Road soon.

The touge-like driving title Rev to Vertex will soon be adding a new venue, and it’s looking for community feedback before its release.

Entitled ‘Bride’s Pool Road’, it marks the third track available within the nascent driving simulator, which is created by Hong Kong developers Plutonization.

Rev to Vertex New Track
Rev to Vertex. Image: Plutonization

Set to sit alongside the Taimosan” and Tolo Highway locations, Bride’s Pool Road (or Xinniangtan Road) will be available in an early preview version initially to gather feedback. Via an ‘advanced trial version’, any bugs and glitches will be reported back to the outfit for further refinement.

Those interested in testing out the upcoming route can sign up via a Google Form.

Rev to Vertex has had somewhat of a tricky development process to date, launching a free demo on PC (which is still available) early last year that was beset with technical mishaps. This was followed by an improved, but still erroneous, ‘prologue’ in April 2023 and an Early Access release in August.

It sees you racing along laser-scanned real-world Hong Kong roads using (so far) unlicenced vehicles.

Currently priced at £18.80/$23.80, it faces an uphill battle (wahey) against the likes of some Assetto Corsa mods, although the diminutive team is seemingly committed to creating its spin on the genre.

It is set to feature some form of ‘battle system’ alongside an RPG-like story mode, and late last year held an online multiplayer alpha test. We’ll be keeping a close eye on its progress throughout 2024.

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