rFactor 2 launches Race Control in beta form
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rFactor 2 Launches Race Control Platform As Open Beta

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Announced some months ago, Studio 397 has launched the open beta for the new rFactor 2 online racing platform, Race Control. Here’s what it’s all about and how to join.

For many months now, rFactor 2 has been looking to gain its own online racing platform. Currently featuring on services like Low Fuel Motorsport, it is starting to grow its online user base. But it is clear that Studio 397 wants more.

Today, the developer launches the new rFactor 2 online racing platform, Race Control in beta form. Open for everyone to test out, it allows regular race scheduling, private session hosting and special events. So out with the old system and in with the new, clearly with iRacing in its crosshairs. Here’s all you need to know.

What Is rF2 Race Control?

Much like every other online racing service, the rFactor 2 Race Control system provides players with regular racing online, hopefully in a fun setting. Akin to iRacing and Low Fuel Motorsport, this new platform gives every player their own ranking, both on performance and skill as well as safety.

Driver Rank is the skill-based rank similar to iRating. Players will either gain or lose DR depending on where they finish in a race. However, unlike the aforementioned services, Race Control does not associate this with a number. Instead, one is ranked by grade, from Bronze to Platinum.

Safety Rank follows the same idea. A player starts off with a Bronze rank and, with incident-free sessions, moves up the scale. One would assume these follow the FIA grade system; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum.

In order to make these evolve, one must compete in the races on offer in Race Control. Daily Race selections rotate each week with three different car-track combinations on offer at one time. Every hour, drivers with a Bronze Safety Rank or higher can compete in the Beginner Races. Intermediate events take place every two hours and are open to Silver Safety or higher. Gold drivers gain access to the longer Advanced events, taking place every three hours.

Join daily races in rFactor 2 Race Control
Join daily races in rFactor 2 Race Control. Image credit: Studio 397

The service will also reportedly host Special Events, aside from the Daily Races. Much like iRacing, these will take the form of longer races, most likely following real-world calendars. For example, one can assume a LMP2/GTE event will take place at Bahrain on 2-4 November, for the FIA WEC round.

Finally, players will also be able to host their own private sessions through the service. The whole thing will be hosted on AWS servers. Much like iRacing, hosting one’s own event will cost money, though the pricing appears to be less aggressive. Per hour, one can expect to pay around €1, with offers available for 12- and 24-hour events.

How To Join rFactor 2 Race Control Beta

As of today, 5 October, anyone that owns rFactor 2 can join this new Race Control platform. However, being an in-development service, the developers warn that there are sure to be some bugs to fix.

Create your own profile on the service
Create your own profile on the service. Image credit: Studio 397

Simply booting up the title will not suffice when it comes to running on the new platform. In fact, this is an open beta test. As a result, one must gain access to the Beta form of rFactor 2. To do so, right click on rFactor 2 in your Steam library. Then select ‘Properties’ and ‘Betas’. On the drop-down menu, choose the Release Candidate version of the game and it should auto-update. Now, you have access to Race Control and all it has to offer.

Each player will have their own profile on the service. Here, you will find information on previous races, your current ranking and you will be able to change details such as your name and nationality.

Last week, we mentioned that the BMW M2 CS in rFactor 2 was hinted to become free ‘very soon’. Well, it seems the announcement was referring to this news as Studio-397 is anxious to get as many racers competing on the beta. Those that join the Race Control beta will get the cup racer for free.

Race Control is also a feature bound for Le Mans Ultimate. Clearly, Studio 397 and Motorsport Games are anxious to ensure the FIA WEC game will launch with as few issues as possible later this year.

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