rFactor 2 is getting an alpha test for its new online competition system
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rFactor 2 Online Competition Starts Alpha Tests

rFactor 2

In preparation for the launch of its new online competition system, rFactor 2 is bringing on members of the community to alpha test the product. Here’s how to take part.

For some time now, the rFactor 2 developers have been working on the game’s competition system. Originally introduced some time ago, the system is now out of date, unused and in need of a refresh.

With services like iRacing and Low Fuel Motorsport doing well in this sector of the online sim racing experience, the community now knows what it wants from such a service. With that in mind, Studio 397 is looking for sim racers’ help in perfecting rF2’s take.

Today, an announcement on the game’s social media platforms called out for applications to an alpha test for the rFactor 2 online competition system. As part of the post, it is mentioned that this testing phase is part of the service’s final checks prior to release. In fact, those taking part will get early access to the system in a bid to report bugs and give feedback on what works well with the system.

rF2 Competition System Alpha

According to the post, Studio 397 is only looking for a select number of participants for its upcoming alpha test. As a result, the team points out that submitting one’s application doesn’t guarantee access to the program.

The team is reportedly looking for members of the community that will protect confidential information all whilst remaining motivated to perfect the system. The program will consist of giving detailed feedback and reporting bugs.

In order to take part, one must fill out the Google form available in the blog post. The form asks for an email address and Discord profile. Furthermore, it features several boxes to tick pertaining to confidentiality and industry competitors. Naturally, the team doesn’t want to divulge its secrets to competitors such as Reiza, Kunos or even iRacing.

With this Alpha test incoming, it seems a total rework of the game’s competition system is bound for release very soon. rFactor 2 recently received its latest content drop, so it will likely be a while until the next update. Whether or not Studio 397 waits for the game’s Q3 content drop to release this feature, only time will tell.

Editor’s Take

Low Fuel Motorsport already covering the online competition aspect of the rFactor 2 experience. So I don’t understand why Studio 397 is pushing to perfect its own system. By adding a second ranking system to the game’s online environment, players will face a choice of two options. In the end, this will mean smaller grids on either service, in turn killing off the game’s online community.

Kunos understands this well with Assetto Corsa Competizione. In fact, the team has said it will not work towards making its own ranked multiplayer system. In the medium to long term, I can’t see rFactor 2’s online culture thriving like ACC’s has given this project is on the horizon.

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