Ride 5 gameplay trailer showcases the upcoming game
Image credit: Milestone

Ride 5 Gameplay Showcased in New Trailer

The next great bike game is on its way in the form of Ride 5 and we’ve just had a first look at its gameplay thanks to a trailer released by Milestone.

Often dubbed the Gran Turismo for bike racing games, the Ride franchise is a hugely popular two-wheel racer. Traditionally, it has offered great depth and insight into the biking world all whilst remaining accessible.

In April, we learnt that the fifth instalment to the title would be releasing in August of this year. And with that release coming up fast, Milestone has given fans a teaser of the game. The first gameplay trailer provides a great preview of the game.

New-gen Bike Racer

Ride 5 is set to be the first new-gen only release for Milestone. As a result, console players will need a PS5 or Xbox Series S/X if they want to get their hands on this racer. Moving to a new-gen-only project, the Ride series reportedly offers greater detail both when it comes to physics and graphics.

As one can see from the Ride 5 gameplay trailer, the game looks good, especially in wet conditions. In fact, the game’s new system allows for dynamic weather and volumetric clouds. Sun glare, detailed shadows and nice reflections all make for a realistic design.

The video also shows off just how skittish the bikes are on power, making for a very exciting visual experience. However, that isn’t to say newcomers will find the title unbearably difficult. The same Neural Aids coming to MotoGP 23 will provide a supposedly adaptable feel to the game.

Ride 5 now Avialable for Pre-order

The title will release on 24 August and fans can already pre-order the game now. Two versions of the game exist, the Standard Edition and the Special Edition.

Pre-order is now open for Ride 5
Pre-order is now open for Ride 5. Image credit: Milestone

Whilst the Standard Edition provides access to the base game, the Special Edition also comes with the Rebel Pack. This comes with the MotoGP-inspired Aprilia Tuono V4 Factory E5 – Racing Modified 2021 and 689cc-powered Yamaha YZF-R7 sports bike.

Regardless of the game edition one gets, pre-ordering Ride 5 gives access to the Far East Pack. Once again comprising two bikes, the first is the high-revving V-twin Kawasaki Z900 2021. The second of the two Far East Pack bikes is more of a look to the past with the 1998 Suzuki TL1000R Racing Modified.

Editor’s Take

As a recently converted bike game fan, Ride 5 looks like a great proposition. The ability to own real-world bikes, customise them to your heart’s content and compete in Forza-style races on a selection of gorgeous tracks sounds like a good time to me.

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