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RIDE 5 Release Date, Pre-Order and More

Fans of motorcycle racing can look forward to the latest instalment of the RIDE games releasing 24 August!

Image credit: Milestone

After being stagnant for roughly two and a half years, the RIDE game franchise is back. With RIDE 5 launching later this year, the motorcycle fan can get back on the saddle to pilot road going motorcycles old and new.

Players will be able to participate in campaign races across a wide selection of real and fictional circuits. They can earn credits and build up their collection, much like the Gran Turismo games.

What Is New?

In the official RIDE 5 press release by Milestone, they promise that the career mode goes even further in-depth than ever before. The campaign will immerse the player in a world with a headquarters for their race team as their base of operations, and there’s a rivals system with ten unique opponents of varying backgrounds to truly test the player.

This seems to point to the possibility of the game will feature some semblance of a storymode, reminiscent to that of GRID and F1 2021‘s Braking Point. Overall, there’s said to be upwards of 200 different types of gamemode. So, the average RIDE player won’t be short on stuff to do.

Also featuring prominently within RIDE 5 is a Race Creator feature. With this, the player can customise a race to fit a particular scenario. You can also save in the middle of an endurance race so it can be resumed later.

Two bikes riding together, leaning over 45 degrees.
There’s something for every motorcycle fan in RIDE. Image credit: Milestone

Of course, as always with the RIDE games, both avatar and motorcycle customisation play a huge part. Just like in Milestone’s officially licenced MotoGP games, there will be a livery editor for helmets, race suits and motorcycles to provide personalisation for all players.

In terms of content like bikes and tracks, plenty carry over from RIDE 4 but there are some new additions. Sonoma and Autopolis seem to be some new tracks, whilst a new bike appears in the trailer in the form of the MV Agusta F3RR

How to Pre-Order

The game is releasing on Steam and on the Epic Games store for PC players. Notably, for console players, it’s only releasing on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. This means it will not be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, unlike the upcoming MotoGP 23 which will come to previous generation consoles.

It’s also worth noting that the game will have crossplay. So Xbox players can play with PlayStation players in the same lobbies.

There will be two versions of the game, a Standard Edition and a Special Edition. The latter is exclusively for players who pre-order the game digitally. To incentivise the playerbase to order the Special Edition, this version of the game will be available to the players three days before the Standard Edition.

A Season Pass is also packaged which will potentially provide the players with either early or discounted access to future downloadable content, as well as two packs as a pre-order bonus. The Far East Pack and Rebel Pack, neither of which have what content features specified just yet but Milestone will reveal those details soon. To pre-order the game, go to the pre-order section of the RIDE website.

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